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Sustainable DC 2.0 Working Group Sign-Up
Do you want to help shape the Sustainable DC 2.0 plan update? If so, consider joining a topic specific working group. Working groups will meet three times over the course of three weeks starting the week of November 6 and concluding in early December. You can sign up for as many working groups as you are interested in joining.

If you can’t attend or join a working group, but have detailed comments on a particular element of Sustainable DC, we have a public comment form ( that you can complete—each section is its own survey, so you can just enter your thoughts in each specific area.

Questions? E-mail us at

Energy + Climate + Built Environment
Proposed scope: Energy: energy efficiency & consumption reduction; clean energy; locally-sourced energy, system reliability; financing; Climate: greenhouse gas mitigation, climate change adaptation (extreme heat, rising sea levels, flooding, severe storms); Built Environment: existing buildings, new construction; increased density

Nature + Water
Proposed scope: Nature: Wetlands/aquatic ecosystems; tree canopy; connected habitat/green/natural space; biodiversity; animals/fish/insects/birds; biophilia; Water: river and stream water quality; stormwater management; water conversation

Proposed scope: Reducing amount of waste generated; circular economy; reuse; recycling; composting

Proposed scope: Transit (Metrorail/bus, Circulator/streetcar); bikability; walkability; congestion reduction; car sharing; carpooling; electric vehicles

Health + Food
Proposed scope: Health: Access to physical activity opportunities; air quality; healthy homes/neighborhoods
Food: Urban agriculture; access to healthy food; food economy;

Equity + People
Proposed scope: Reduction of disparities in income, education, health; vibrant neighborhoods/access to services; access

Jobs + Economy + Education
Proposed scope: Small, local businesses; job creation and retention (through sustainable projects); job training; environmental/sustainability education; community engagement; arts as tactic for sustainability

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