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TCAT Crossville Graduation - Cap and Gown Information Form
Graduation Date: Thursday December 12, 2019
Practice will be held that morning at 8am and Graduation will be that evening at 6:00 pm at the First United Methodist Church.
Please spell your name as you want it to appear on the program. The program and announcements are generated from this information.
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I know I need to purchase a tassel (blue & gold/gold) from the Bookstore (approximate cost is $5.25). *
If you are participating in the Graduation Ceremony answer the following question: ('Answer as of today'. All answers will be verified prior to the ceremony.)
Have you had Perfect Attendance? ( You have never missed a single minute since you enrolled). *
Did you compete in SkillsUSA? *
Have you ever served on the Student Leadership Council? If yes, you will wear a solid gold tassel not the blue & gold tassel.(approximate cost is $5.25). *
Have you ever been nominated for Student of the Term? *
Were you ever on an "A Honor Roll?" *
Are you a Veteran? *
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