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Service Event Application for Torchbearers Volunteers Request Form

Thank you for considering Torchbearers volunteers for your service event. Our members are passionate about making meaningful contributions to the Greater Akron community by volunteering their time. To ensure that organizations receive enough volunteers for their events and to ensure that the event corresponds best with our mission and vision, we must be deliberate in which events are chosen each month as our Torchbearers service events.

To best support our organization’s mission and vision, the Community Impact Committee (CIC) intentionally selects two events per month to award our members with additional service points. Our members receive service points for all volunteer opportunities that they participate in, however, they receive more points for the CIC selected service events.

Each event that is approved by CIC will be assigned a Service Event Liaison that will reach out to you to seek out any additional details, provide you with the information about the volunteers that have RSVP'D, and provide you with the number of volunteers that have committed to your event. There may also be a CIC member reaching out to you after the event is approved by CIC to clarify the details of your submission.

It is important to the Community Impact Committee to support events that allow our members to serve together so they can develop and foster relationships with their fellow members at the event. It is also important to the Community Impact Committee that there is a mix between the types of service events each month, (i.e. direct service or fundraiser.) Applicants should note that the amount of Torchbearers that will sign up to volunteer at the service event is not guaranteed and may vary year to year depending on the makeup of the membership.

All additional service events that were not selected by CIC for that month, will be advertised in our weekly newsletter to our membership. If you were not selected, you will receive an email from a CIC Co-Chair indicating why you were not selected. You may review the 12 criteria at the end of this page.

If you have any additional questions regarding this process or your event submission, please contact the Community Impact Committee Co-Chairs at

Thank you for your commitment to bettering the community and we look forward to receiving your application submission.


Torchbearers Community Impact Committee
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Hooray! Another Service event in Greater Akron! Tell us about it:
This form will be emailed to Please submit applications at least 1 month prior to your event and in time for the CIC meeting (3rd Wednesday of every month). For example, if your service event is at the end of March, please submit this application in February prior to the 3rd Wednesday. If you need your service event voted on earlier, please email and let us know. If you have flyers or other materials you would like to submit with your application please email them to
Organization Name *
Mission of Organization & Population Served *
Does your organization have 501(c)(3) status? *
Will your organization permit TB to provide volunteers without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any quality other than willingness to volunteer? *
Who is submitting this form? (First Name, Last Name, Relationship to Applicant Organization) *
Who is the primary event contact for our volunteers? (name, email, and phone number) *
What is the name of the service event? *
Service Event Type *
Service Event Category *
If other, please describe
When is the event? *
Please provide a specific block of time for our members to volunteer
4 hours max.
What time do volunteers need to arrive at your event? *
What time will volunteers be done volunteering for the event? *
Where is your event located? *
What is the dress code for the event? *
Does your event have a #Hashtag? If yes, provide it here:
Please provide the minimum amount of volunteers needed for the event. *
Please provide the maximum amount of volunteers needed for the event. *
Tell us about the event and what Torchbearers can expect from volunteering there. Describe the volunteer duties (i.e. registration, set-up, tear-down, mobile bidding, clearing brush, serving food, etc.) *
Is there a website where Torchbearers need to register to confirm their volunteer spot? If so, please provide those instructions here.
Will your organization ensure that Torchbearers are able to volunteer together? i.e. in groups of 2, 4, etc. *
What type(s) of advertising or recognition for Torchbearers, if any, will be available before, during, or after the event? *
Are you emailing event flyer/promotional materials with your application? *
Any other details that attendees or the public should know about this event? i.e. cost to attend the event.
The following are criteria that the CIC utilize when reviewing service events each month. When answering the questions above, be sure that the majority of these criteria fit with your service event volunteer request.
Criteria 1: The service event benefits a 501(c)(3) organization that impacts Summit County
Criteria 2: Torchbearers will be volunteering with other Torchbearers at the event
Criteria 3: The service event offers diverse service event opportunities to our members
Criteria 4: Torchbearers will have the opportunity to interact directly with the population served
Criteria 5: A professional skill of at least one Torchbearer will be utilized at the event
Criteria 6: The service event was submitted by a Torchbearer Member/Alumni
Criteria 7: The service event was submitted by a Leadership Akron Member/Alumni
Criteria 8: A Torchbearer has previously volunteered at the event
Criteria 9: The event has been previously approved
Criteria 10: The service event does not conflict with any other Torchbearer events to which our organization is already committed.
Criteria 11: The service event fits with the TB Mission "To enhance Greater Akron by investing in the development, connection and engagement of our membership comprised of evolving leaders with a passion to impact our community."
Criteria 12: The service event fits with the TB Vision "We envision a culture of empowered and diverse leadership in which our members are making meaningful contributions to the Greater Akron community."
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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