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On-Course Feedback
The HRDC, GU would like to know how you feel about the course. Please complete this form.
This form is intended to take feedback of the training you have just completed. It is not intended as an evaluation tool. Your responses will be reviewed by the coordinator and the HRDC, GU and measures will be taken for improving the future programmes.
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1. a. Learning objective achieved *
1. b. Average Performance of the Resource Persons *
1. c. Your Average Performance *
1. d. Overall group engagement *
1. e. Transfer of Learning Activities *
1. f. Acommodation & Food *
2. Standard of the Course as a whole *
3. Course relevance to your needs as a teacher *
4. Do you think that the course has made you *
5. Overall benifit *
6. Overall course rating
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7. Overall views on different aspects of the course
The structure of the training *
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Overall length of the course *
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Which aspects of the course have you found most beneficial?
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Any additional comments about the course
8. Please highlight factors that had either a positive or negative effect on this training and on accomplishing the learning objective.
Positive Effect relating to: Curriculum related aspects, Trainer related matter, Learning Environment, Group Dynamics *
Negative Effect relating to: Curriculum related aspects, Trainer related matter, Learning Environment, Group Dynamics *
What suggestions do you have for enhancing any of the positive or correcting the negative factors cited above?
9. Were the following item adequate? ( If no, why not?) *
Audiovisual Equipment
Library resources
Reading Materials
Other Training Materials
10. Choose any 3 concepts/aspects from the course that you will use in strengthening your interactions with students in your parent institution.
11. What other suggestions you have for enhancing transfer of learning, skill building and knowledge application?
• Suggestions for HRDC Staff:
• Suggestions for HRDC Co-coordinators:
• Suggestions for HRDC Administration:
12. Please comment or make suggestions as to how the HRDC can help you in the shared goal of providing a high quality training program. *
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