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2018 Spring Hope/Wapiti HS Roster Info
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Code of Conduct & Ethics

All Player and Coaches will follow the Code of Conduct outlined by the IRB & USA Rugby

Players, Parents and Guardians will also adhere to the Wapiti HS Club Code of Conduct & Ethics:

Player Code of Conduct & Ethics
1. Honor the game by trying your best
2. Play for Enjoyment
3. Put effort into learning both team AND individual skills
4. Play by the laws of the game and play with control
5. Be committed to your team with high attendance, effort and energy levels
6. Show respect for all. Do not lose your temper
7. Never argue with the referee’s decision. The “Sir’s” decision is final and always correct.
8. Be a good sport. Applaud all good play by your team or by your opponent.
9. Remember the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and play responsibly
10. Show good character and values. Be honest, trustworthy, and responsible.
11. Win with humility - lose with dignity
12. Wapiti expects all players to perform services to help the Wapiti RFC and the Chicago rugby communities.
13. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, or banned performance enhancing substances.
14. Not engage in any criminal conduct, including, but not limited to laws governing the possession, provision and use of drugs, and or alcohol.
15. Follow team rules at all times.

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