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Accessible Housing in Newcastle upon Tyne
This survey seeks to understand the extent to which the housing for wheelchair users in Newcastle upon Tyne is accessible against the current accessible building regulations, which were updated in 2015. I am a third year undergraduate student and this survey information is going to be used for my dissertation, all data that is collected is completely anonymous and no data is traceable back to the respondents, all the data collected will be stored in a secure file.

If you have any queries or would like to speak further about this please do not hesitate to contact me via email: or by phone 07792579397
How long have you been using a wheelchair for? *
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In what part of Newcastle do you live? *
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How long have you lived in your home? *
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What type of accommodation do you live in? *
How many bedrooms does your home have? *
Does your home have level access? *
Has your home been modified to allow for better wheelchair access? If yes, please provide details of what these modifications were. *
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Does your home have any ramps to allow for easy wheelchair access? *
Can you easily approach your home? If no, please provide details of how you approach your home?
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Can you easily access your home through the main entry point? If no, please provide details of how you enter. *
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If you had a guest stay over, who was also a wheelchair user, would they be able to stay overnight comfortably in any of your downstairs rooms? *
Do you have a bathroom on your ground floor (or the floor in which you enter your house)? *
Are you able to use wall-mounted switches and socket outlets with ease in your home? *
Is there step-free access at your home upon arrival and at the main entrance? *
Does your home have a garden? If yes, does this garden have step-free access? *
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Can you gain step-free access to every entrance to your home? If no, please state how many entrances there are and how many are inaccessible to you. *
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Are you happy with the levels of accessibility to your home? *
If you could make any improvements relating to accessibility in to/around your home, what would they be and why? *
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