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Registration for DEMHIST events
1. DEMHIST Pre-conference tour on September 1 *Capacity: 30
Chochikukyo and Sugimoto House

*no participation fee (transportation and lunch expenses are your own responsibility)

2. DEMHIST Offsite Meeting on September 5 *Capacity: 60
Nijo-jo Castle, Old Mitsui Shimogamo Villa, Kita and Komai Residence, Murin-an

*participation fee: 3,000 yen (lunch, donation for conservation of residence, reception)
We will receive the fee by cash after our sessions on September 3,4.

*These events are primarily for ICOM-DEMHIST members. If you are a non-ICOM member or not a DEMHIST member, you will be wait-listed. If there is room and you are able to attend the event, you will be notified.
For Offsite Meeting, there is an additional fee for non-ICOM members of +5,000 yen (total 8,000yen), and for non-DEMHIST members of +2,000 yen (total 5,000yen) .

contact: Yoshihiro NAKATANI

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