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Recognizing Community Support for the Howard County Public School System
Submit three current signed letters of recommendation written by someone other than the person submitting the nomination application by February 24, 2020 to: Executive Assistant to the Board of Education, Howard County Board of Education, 10910 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042
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Part II: The four overarching commitments of the Howard County Public School System - Value, Achieve, Connect, and Empower articulate expectations for the school system and serve to ensure that the system’s operations and activities are focused and aligned to the Strategic Call to Action (SCTA). Show how the volunteer contribution of the individual, business, or organization supports in an exemplary manner one or more of the school system's commitments through the desired outcomes and performance measures. View the SCTA.
Value: Every HCPSS stakeholder feels happy and rewarded in their roles and takes pride in cultivating the learning community.

Achieve: An individualized focus supports every person in reaching milestones for success.

Connect: Students and staff thrive in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive culture that embraces diversity.

Empower: Schools, families and the community are mutually invested in student achievement and well-being.
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Part III: Describe the volunteer contribution(s), beyond the normal scope of activities, of the individual; business; or organization.
Include Objective(s) of the contribution; specifics regarding the time and talents invested; the innovative nature or uniqueness of the contribution; the scope and outcome of the contribution (including, if available, data on student achievement outcomes and how many children, schools, teachers, etc. the person or project has involved). Please limit your description to 500 words. *
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