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ICOM/CECA Webmaster Position
CECA opens a call for the position of the webmaster to work for this web site

The applicants will pass tree stage recruitment procedure.
1) Fill in and submit this application.
2) On the second stage the applications will be examined and potential candidates selected
3) For final selection a skype call will be arranged with the candidate that passed the second stage.


Please, just apply to this position by filling in this form, if you are an experienced webmaster with the knowledge of at least two ICOM official languages ENGLISH, Spanish and French .

For the monthly job the CECA Webmaster will receive a honorarium 150eur.

Deadline for application is 15th of January, 2019

As webmaster you must to be able to:

- Ensure good functioning of the CECA site.
- Insert information sent to you by the President or the Secretary.
- Work easily and with experience in the content management systems of websites.
- Cooperate with the officer responsible for websites at the ICOM secretariat in Paris.
- Work in close cooperation with the Social Media coordinator on the promotion of CECA, the distribution of information and the communication strategy as a whole. This includes the desired changes towards a more interactive use of digital information for and by CECA members through an on-line platform (shared resources, shared database of addresses and skills etc.).
- As much as possible try to present the main texts in the three official languages of ICOM.
-Keep an electronic archive of all information removed from the site and makes this available for the CECA archives.
- Present report to the CECA Board.

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Please send your CV to the CECA e-mail address after filling in this form.
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