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C A P T I V Startup Signup Sheet
Hey! Glad you made it.

Please make sure to read the description for each of the 4 categories. You’ll likely see something that you’re good at or at least interested in.

Please feel free to send this link to as many people as you want. We always welcome interest!!

In a nutshell, we aim to redefine how an athlete gets recognized as a recruit for college. If that’s all you need to know to join, thats awesome.

Just fill out the survey.

My phone number is 732-677-9155 if you have any questions. You'll be sent emails from regarding our first meeting on Saturday, November 17th, from 12 PM - 1 PM in ISEC 102.

If you do wanna know what we're all about, however, take a peep at "What We're all About" towards the bottom of the form.
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This includes Video Recorders (recording athletic events), Video Producers (putting the highlight tapes together), Video Directors (writing the script to the videos), Soundtrack Creators/Finders (making or finding soundtrack to fit mood of clip), Sports Highlight Identifiers/Rankers (finding and ranking highlights in recorded footage), and Coders (streamlining the highlight identification process).
This includes Social Media Managers (researching and managing how to have best socia media), Advertisers/Marketers (speaking about the company, planning events, creating promotions, getting sponsors), Apparel Designers (producing streetwear and creating sticker/accessory), and Public Relations (making newsletters and maintaining company look/environment)
This includes Accountants (managing books and making us more efficient), Tech Support (managing website, excel, and drive), Customer Support (taking customer calls/emails), and Analysts/Innovators (looking at our competition and looking at us - how do we differentiate ourselves?).
Administrative Assistant
This includes becoming the righthand person to the CEO.
What We're All About
There are 8 million high school athletes across the country aspiring to play a collegiate sport.

These athletes work their entire lives for their craft: attending different training camps, taking part in identification combines, hiring personal trainers. Most of them can only hope that their skill will one day be noticed - that their top coach will happen to be watching at just the right moment. A lot of them reach out to these coaches - send them emails, visit their schools, give them a call. Even fewer actually meet the coach.

7% of aspiring collegiate athletes will make it. 2% of them will play Division 1. Some of the best talent in the country will forever be lost, simply because a coach never saw the athlete play.

But how could they? How could a coach in New Jersey watch a player in Massachusetts consistently? Even more so, would a coach from California even be able to watch a player in Massachusetts at all?

Well, like I said, a lot of athletes will reach out to these coaches. However, little do most high school athletes know that a college coach, on average, will receive anywhere from 25 - 200 emails A DAY from potential recruits - that's on top of going through their daily coaching, administrative, and personal routines. In the email, the player will typically include a resume of stats and references, a schedule of upcoming games, and most importantly, a highlight video.

The highlight video says it all.

If you don't know what a highlight video is, it's basically a 2-4 minute clip showcasing a player's best moments of play.

If a player in Massachusetts is trying to get recruited by a coach in California, their only way of displaying their talent very well may be through this highlight video. That being said, an athlete's first instinct is to make one themselves - that's how athletes work. They're do-ers. So, let's take soccer as an example of this process.

To make a 3 minute Highlight Tape, here's what you'll need to know: An average game is 90 minutes long. During that time frame, a player will touch the ball an average of 33 times. Of those 33 touches, an average of 2-4 of them will result in plays deemed "highlight worthy". These plays will last an average of 5-10 seconds. That means, on average, a player will need anywhere from 18-36 highlights to make a 3 minute highlight tape, meaning that the athlete will have to watch an average of 9 games to find these highlights. That's 810 minutes, or, 13.5 hours. Of watching. Now they have to make the actual video.

Next, the athlete will have to go through the video-editing software. Because most people will be relatively inexperienced with video editing software, on average, a quality video will take 2 hours to produce 1 minute of footage. That's 6 hours. Of editing.

That's 18.5 hours total, on average, to produce 3 minutes of footage that, at best, is a bit above mediocre. A typical coach will need to see at least 4-5 different videos from athletes to gauge their skill set.

That's at least 74 HOURS worth of video watching/editing to produce 12-15 MINUTES.

So, now let's say that an athlete doesn't want to go through all this - they'll just get the video made by a company for a pretty penny. Sure, there are companies that do this - Hudl being the leader in this industry. However, even with all their technology, Hudl's videos, in all honesty, just aren’t as captivating as you would expect them to be.

Sending both of these emails will likely have the same result: the coach MAY open the email, MAY click the link to your video, MAY watch 20 seconds of your video, then close it. Why? They weren’t intrigued. They weren’t CAPTIVated.

That's where we come in. Captiv's primary aim is to Define Attention in a new light - to captivate our audiences in ways such that they are forced to drop everything and simply watch. We aim to paint our athletes like the stars of movies - to use the most visually appealing effects, to use music that evokes emotion, to capture their skill in all regards, to tell their stories. "Storytelling" has been called a strategic tool with “irresistible power” by Harvard Business Review. Studies have shown that when an individual follows a story rather than a series of events, a hormone called oxytocin is released from the brain, amplifying their focus and intrigue. This forces coaches to watch, allowing athletes to be seen.

Captiv's secondary objective is to streamline this 18.5 hour process into 2 hours through coding and assembly lines. McDonald's didn't invent the hamburger - they just reinvented how it was made.

All being said, our target market has proven to be in soccer; specifically boys aged 14-18 in private school. Within Boston, there are 18 total private schools that have a soccer program within a 30-minute driving radius of Northeastern. 10 of them are within a 15 minute radius. 12 schools have both boys and girls soccer. 2 of them are all-boys schools. 3 of them are all-girls schools. 1 of them has a co-ed soccer program. And that's just in Boston.

The potential for Captiv is massive. We just need a little help.
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