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Monero "Certification" Test
This is not a formal certification. However, it's a great way to indicate that you have a general understanding about how Monero works so that you can help other people out. There are many online resources listed below that you can use to answer many of these questions:

The test is difficult, but you do not need any other experience to complete the test successfully. You will pass if you score at least 80% of the points. Please take the test only once per day. Only the first result is scored.
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Monero's mining algorithm has the added benefit of contributing to the scientific distributed computing initiative BOINC. *
What year was Monero launched? *
Which of the following attacks do you need to be concerned about in Monero? *
Chain split attacks
Someone hacking and draining your wallet
Some attacker seeking to compromise accounts on the rich list
Heuristic traceability analysis
Timing attacks
In early 2017, a now-patched vulnerability was found in Monero that allowed for an attacker to send more money in a transaction than allowed. What was the impact? *
Monero currently schedules network upgrades (hard forks) approximately every _____ months. *
What is the Monero EAE attack? *
Monero has a defined vulnerability response process. *
Monero uses which of the following to pay for development, research, and other desired activities: *
Match the popular Monero wallets to the operating systems or devices they work on. *
Rows may have several correct choices.
Official GUI and CLI
X Wallet
Cake Wallet
What is Monero's current block time, on average? *
Which of the following best explains fungibility? *
Which technologies hide what information in Monero? *
If a technology contributes to hide several pieces of information, select the most relevant one.
Output traceability
Transaction amounts
IP addresses
Not used in Monero
Stealth addresses
Wraith protocol
CoinJoin / JoinMarket
Ring signatures
CT / RingCT
Monero's block time spiked in April 2018. What are the likely reasons for this occurrence? *
Captionless Image
How many keys does Monero have? *
Which controversial program initiated widespread Monero mining in the browser? *
You can connect the Monero CLI or GUI to a remote node. *
Which of the following does Monero use to facilitate scaling? *
What are the relationships between ringsize, decoy(s), and mixin(s)? *
Mixin(s) is a deprecated term, but it is nevertheless useful to understand at the moment.
Total number of outputs in signature
Number of fake outputs in signature
None of these
Indicate if the Monero network experienced any of the following issues during and shortly after its launch: *
Stealth launch
Purposefully inefficient miner
Uncooperative founder
Unanticipated supply curve
51% attack
Hidden premine
How are subaddresses potentially linked to each other? *
It is not possible to have a Monero paper wallet. Too much information would need to be stored on the paper for it to reasonably be functional. *
In late 2017, GloBee ran a fundraiser to benefit Monero. What was the purpose of this project? *
Monero has a built-in governance structure with masternode voting. *
Monero is limited to processing approximately 0.5 transactions per second. *
Rank the following wallet types in terms of the relative level of privacy. *
High, leaks some metadata
Medium, leaks some transaction data
Low, leaks most information
Wallets connected to a remote node operated by someone else
Wallets with a local node or connected to your own node
Lightweight wallets that use your view key
Custodial wallets
Monero is based on which protocol? *
Why was the specific ringsize selected for April 2018? *
Which of the following are existing workgroups? *
How many new Monero will be mined every minute in 2050? *
What is churning, and why might someone consider doing it? *
Monero was attacked in 2014. The attack involved spamming the network with many transactions to force a hard fork. *
Match the project/company to its general focus: *
Payment processing
Digital assets
Band merchandise adoption
Project Coral Reef
Which of the following are functions of the Monero Core Team? *
Merge code pull requests
Maintain critical infrastructure (eg:
Arbitrate the Forum Funding System (FFS) and manage the general fund
Appoint moderators for community forums and chats
Manage volunteer tasks
Release and sign binaries
Maintain the project incorporation paperwork
Which database structure does Monero currently use? *
The Monero community encourages against building binaries from source, since users' computers may be compromised. *
Optional: Include information for us to send you the results of your "certification" and to assign you a special flair on Reddit if desired.
We support sending results to the following services, which you can provide us with the contact information for if desired: Wire, Telegram, email, and Reddit. This is totally optional. Please clearly identify all information you enter.
Which of the following best describe Monero's current privacy protections? *
What is the Monero blockchain blackball tool used for? *
Indicate which of the following were privacy limitations Monero experienced between its initial launch and early 2017: *
Include all answers that are relevant, even if they were only relevant for a small period of time during this window.
Transaction amounts were visible in denominations
Origin of outputs for most exchange transactions were not well protected
Addresses were visible
There was no way of revealing transaction data to the public if desired
Match Monero's minimum or fixed ringsize with the appropriate dates. *
March 2016
September 2017
April 2018
October 2018
Never used
Monero plans to move to Proof of Stake (PoS) shortly after Ethereum makes the switch. *
Bulletproofs are an efficient form of which of the following? *
Match the following projects/tools with their focus/purpose. *
Point of sale payment processor
Hardware wallet
Project management platform
Communication platform
Code repository
What are some of the arguments in favor of increasing the block time? *
IP address obfuscation is a mandatory requirement enforced on the protocol level. *
Match the name of the community initiative to its content type: *
Weekly Monero newsletter
Quarterly Monero newsletter
Monero-related podcast
Monero-related YouTube chat
Monero Monitor
Monero Moon
Monero Talk
Monero Observer
Revuo Monero
Monero Coffee Chat
A 2018 research paper estimated a range for the proportion of Monero transactions related to AlphaBay (a now-defunct darknet market) at the time of initial integration. What were these proportions? *
Who started Monero? *
What information can be revealed with the view key? *
If an option is valid except for a small number of unlikely circumstances, select it. Select an option if the functionality is possible, even if most wallets do not support it.
Outputs sent from the wallet
Transaction IDs sent to the wallet
IP addresses the transactions are sent from
Outputs sent to the wallet
Wallet balance
Transaction IDs sent from the wallet
The sender's name and home address
Addresses funds are received from
Addresses funds are sent to
What project was Monero forked from, and what was the condition? *
Which of the following best describes Monero's fungibility? *
Why do people usually mine Monero on mining pools? *
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