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Student Code of Conduct/Handbook Acknowledgment Form...Required
Please read and discuss the entire Code of Conduct/ Handbook with your child and sign the below Acknowledgement. If you have any questions concerning its contents, please contact Dr. Mary Henderson, Superintendent at or by calling 630-529-2091. Once you have reviewed the Parent-Student Handbook with your child, please sign and return this form to the office within 10 days of receipt. *Please note that you will be submitting your acknowledgment electronically. You will not be manually signing the form.
I have read, or have had explained to me, the Handbook which contains a summary of school rules regarding student behavior and other District policies. I agree that my child will follow these rules, and I understand that if he/she violates the rules, he/she can be disciplined. By signing below, I acknowledge that my child and I understand and agree to abide by the Board of Education Policies and school rules contained in the Handbook. I also acknowledge that this Handbook may only contain a summary of the Board of Education Policies and that the Handbook may be amended during the school year without notice. Students in grades 2-8 should sign the form along with their parent/guardian. *By typing my name in the text box below, I am furnishing my electronic signature. *
For students in grades 2-8, please furnish your electronic signature by typing your name in the text box below.
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I understand that I have been provided with access to the Code of Conduct/Handbook electronically and that it is also available on the D12 website. If I want a paper copy, I understand that I may make that request by contacting the Administrative Office at 630-529-2091. *
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