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Sadville Post Roll-Out Questionnaire for Children
(to be completed and submitted AFTER receiving you complimentary book)
Sadsville by Martin Roberts
School Name *
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What were your first impressions of the book?
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Did you enjoy the story?
What part of the story did you like best?
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Why did you think everyone in Sadsville was sad, before you found out the real reason?
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Did you need help to read the story?
Do you like the shape and size of the book?
Do you like the pictures?
Did “Herman’s Tips if you’re feeling sad” at the back of the book, help you?
What was the most helpful tip?
Your answer
Do you understand the difference between 'Good Sad' and 'Bad Sad'?
How often do you feel ‘Good Sad’?
How often do you feel ‘Bad Sad’?
Did you know about Childline and NSPCC before reading Sadsville?
Having read Sadsville would you now know how to contact Childline and NSPCC?
Having read the book, do you think you’d be better able to cope with sadness in the future?
Would you like to read other stories in the ‘Villes’ range?
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