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Teacher Evaluation
I would like to receive some feedback from you relating to this class and to my teaching. Please take your time and give me your honest opinion to each question. I will take all of your answers seriously because I want to improve my teaching and this class.
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Students are involved in the lecture and class activities. *
The teacher is enthusiastic about teaching. *
The teacher uses class time effectively. *
The teachers is organized and prepared to teach this class. *
The teacher has good classroom management skills. *
The teacher provides an environment in which I feel safe asking questions. *
The teacher treats all students equally and respectfully. *
The homework provided was necessary for skill development and relevant to learning the material. *
The teacher is available and willing to help students. *
Most students show attention and interest during most class periods. *
There is a good relationship between the teacher and the students. *
The teacher presents new material in a way that I can understand it. *
The teacher gives clear directions. *
The teacher encourages students to do the best that they can. *
The teacher disciplines fairly. *
The teacher is aware of what is going on in the room. *
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