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NZRE Province Registration
This form allows you to register a new province in the Republic of NZRE.

The following criteria must be met for a province to be established:
- A simple majority of citizens moving into the proposed province must agree
- A simple majority of parliament must agree to the creation of the province
- A simple majority of parliament must approve the proposed boundaries
- There must be an acceptable physical land claim for the proposed province
- The proposed province must not claim land in any current provinces

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What is the name of the proposed province? *
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List of citizens for the proposed province (names or NINs) *
All citizens must be accounted for and listed here. A majority of the citizens that will be a part of the proposed province must vote YES for the province to be created. A majority of parliament must also agree.
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Who is the governor of the proposed province? *
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Terms of Province Establishment
Do you understand the following:
- The proposed province is subject to federal authority
- All citizens of the province are still required to obey NZRE laws
- The proposed province will remain a part of the Republic of NZRE as well as all of its citizens
- Should it be established, the province has a right to guidance from federal personnel to facilitate a smooth addition to the nation
Do you agree to and pledge to follow the Terms of Province Establishment and understand that violating them is unlawful? *
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