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Zingira "Hacks"- The Business Case
In this document we describe the guidelines for setting up a business case.

Zingira ‘hacks’

A diverse set of participants generate ideas in teams of 5 to create business opportunities for your company. The goal is to receive fresh ideas, which you can take a step further after the online day by yourself or in collaboration with the participants. We have designed an interactive program to assist participants in generating ideas and going from a brainstorm to a comprehensive business opportunity within one day.


Participants work in a team of 5. They register individually and the final teams will be made by Boost your Business Kenya. There is also a prize to win at the end of the day. We want to keep a competitive element so at the end of the day, every participant is allowed to vote on one of the ideas (except their own). The team with the idea that has the most votes will be honoured with a prize that stimulates entrepreneurial thinking!

Your role as entrepreneur

The teams will receive the business case a week before the co-creation. This allows them to prepare themselves for the day. As the owner of the business case, we ask you to contribute in the following way:

-Review the business case with Boost contact person.
-Record a short video to introduce yourself, the company and the business case
-Be present on 18th of September, to participate during the day and hear more about the proposed ideas
-Be willing to work with the upcoming ideas

New ideas
The ideas generated during the co-creation should provide the company with new and realistic out-of-the-box ideas which form a solid starting point to start a process of implementation. The teams will take into account below criteria when devising the solution:

(Green) impact
Which problem do they solve?
Which groups does it impact and what is the impact (people, planet, profit)?

What makes the solution different and unique?
Why hasn’t somebody else come up with this yet?

Digital inclusion
How does the solution incorporate digital elements?
How does the idea improve access digitally?

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Your business challenge
Your business challenge should be formulated as an actual and concrete question, issue or problem that your company did not yet solve or answer in relation to becoming more green.
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