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The Energy Coalition Program Interest Form
The Energy Coalition's (TEC) programs are comprehensive, standards-based K-12 educational programs designed to build young learners' conceptual knowledge around energy and environmental science topics. Through hands-on investigations, students can apply real-life career skills and become more conscientious of how their actions impact the Earth. TEC is committed to an Integrated Demand Side Management/ Resources (IDSM/R) approach to energy and water management, supporting California's immediate and long-term energy efficiency goals to reduce carbon emissions. Young students are engaged in STEM learning that prepares them for future career pathways. TEC provides participating classes with ongoing professional development opportunities, educational assemblies, classroom assistance, online tools, and additional resources and tools that support program implementation and instruction.

Besides teaching energy and environmental science concepts to students, the curriculum incorporates engineering, geography, English language arts, citizenship, and mathematics. Programs align with both Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. Educators are provided with a range of instructional methods to meet students' needs with diverse learning preferences. Students apply basic STEM skills as they investigate ways to reduce energy and water usage both in and out of school. TEC's mission is to inspire students to take action toward sustainable living and educate others on sustainable practices.

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