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Mentor's registration Fall 2018
The Society of Spanish Researchers in Denmark (CED) is happy to announce that from the beginning of 2019, we are starting a mentorship program within our members.

You can read the guidelines here

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Personal details
We want to know a bit more about yourself, so it can help us pairing you up with your future mentee
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In which city do you live? *
Are you a member of CED? *
In case of not being a member, you must sign up here . Mentors can be full members or associate members.
Which delegation of CED do you belong? *
In other words, in which city you will take active part in the mentorship program (i.e. where are you planning to meet with your mentee)?
Have you read the guidelines of the mentorship program? *
You can read the guidelines here
Age *
Nationality *
Mother tongue language *
Other languages (that you feel comfortable communicating) *
We want the communication with your mentee to be as smooth as possible, hoping that you will both share the same language. So just indicate those where you can communicate without any issues
What is your main occupation in Denmark? *
What is your higher education? *
What is your highest degree title? *
For example "Master of Science in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering"
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In which university did you obtained it? *
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Denmark and job situation
We want to know what are you doing in Denmark and how long have you been around. Again, this information will help us when matching you up with your mentee
How long have you been living in Denmark? *
What is your scientific field? *
Choose the general field that applies the closest, you will be able to be more specific in the next question. Try to use one of the specified ones, and not go directly to the "other" field
What's your current position/title? *
Now you can explain what are you actually doing
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Hobbies *
We want to know you better, so we can do perfect matches. Choose a maximum of 4
Ways of communication
Do you have...? (select as many as applicable) *
Would you like to keep in touch with your mentee... (select as many as applicable) *
Add your LinkedIn/Facebook/Phone number here (optional)
You can wait until you have been paired up, to share that information with your mentee, or you can add it here already
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The mentorship
Have you been a mentor in another program before? *
If you have answered yes in the previous question, in which program?
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What would you like to be matched on? *
What would you offer as mentor? Name 3 main points *
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Write bio/description of yourself (5-6 lines) *
The better we know you, the most accurate we will be to do the mentor-mentee couples
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How much time would you dedicate to the mentorship? *
This will be agreed with your mentee once you are paired up. But we want to know your preferences to help us matching people with similar expectations
How long do you think the mentorship should last? *
Again this will be agreed once you are paired up, trying to match both mentor and mentee expectations, goal setting... etc.
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