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Traveling Zoo - Scheduling Request Form
Please complete all information on this form to request a traveling zoo to come to your home or your event.
Our calendar fills up fast! We recommend completing this form a minimum of 2 months prior to your scheduled event date.
After your request has been received, our scheduling department will contact you, by telephone, with availability and a quote.
We are currently receiving a high number of requests. Your request is very important to us and we are working as quickly as we can to be in touch with you as soon as possible! Thank you for you support of Darby Acres Farm!

Darby Acres Farm is Located in Charlotte, North Carolina.
We are a small family with huge hearts for animals and animal education. Darby Acres Farm & Darby Safari utilize no-cost/low-cost online scheduling platforms so that your payment can go more toward helping our animals and less toward administrative fees for phone calls and processing. All traveling zoo requests are processed in the order that they are received. Please read all policies, frequently asked questions and review the available traveling zoo packages and availability calendar prior to completing this request. Thank you for supporting Darby Acres Farm!
YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO SCHEDULE ANY OF OUR SERVICES. (If you are under 18 years old, please have a parent or guardian complete this form.) *
E-Mail Address: *
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Contact Name (Host) *
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If different than Host, please let us know the Contact Name & Phone Number for for Event Day: *
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Contact Phone Number & Best contact time *We can NOT contact you without this! *
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How did you hear of Darby Acres Farm? *
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ALL of our traveling packages, regardless of distance, will have a travel fee added to the base price of the package you are requesting and could range anywhere from $25 and above, depending on many different factors including: your location, the size of the traveling package you are requesting, the day of the week, the time of day, etc. Please review our estimated travel fee calculation on our FAQs page prior to completing and submitting your request to us. We will let you know the travel fee after we have received your fully completed scheduling request form. *Note: Our Pony Packages and Barnyard Package Travel a MAXIMUM DISTANCE OF 40 Miles from Zip Code 28216
We understand you would like an estimate in advance, so we give a simple calculation, on the frequently asked questions page of our website, so there are no "surprises" on the travel fee. *
We are located in Charlotte, NC. An additional $25 fee will be added to the base package price if the event location is outside of NC. *
The Package you would like to request: (PLEASE SELECT FROM DROP-DOWN LIST) *
Are you looking for an animal that is not listed in one of our packages? Do you require specific animals for a lesson plan or themed event? Please let us know here if you would like to create your own package and what animals you would like to have come visit! (Note: Our travel packages have been created with animals that are able to travel together easily. Not all animals are able to travel together and may require an additional exotic animal handler as an add-on. Additional charge will apply for any additional handlers and travel for additional vehicles/trailers required.)
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Additional Animals / Add-ons (May select more than one *
Requested Event Date *Month / Date / Year (day of the week) *
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Please confirm you have reviewed the availability Calendar. If the date is showing as "No Availability" Please choose a different date. *
The date I am requesting is currently: *
Alternate Date: (The availability calendar is updated as requests are received and scheduled. A date showing as currently available, may become unavailable based on the requests received prior to your request. We work on all submitted requests in the order that they are received. In the case that your date becomes unavailable, please let us know if there is an alternate date that you may be interest in.)
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The date I am requesting is currently listed as "no availability" or "waitlist". I am not interested in any other dates and I would like to be added to a waitlist for the date requested. I understand I will only be contacted by the scheduling department if the date I have requested becomes available, unless I have requested an alternate date that is currently available per the above calendar. *
Our regular hours for Traveling Packages are from 10:30am start time - 4:00pm end time. - Over-Time Charge (See FAQs)
If requesting "Over-Time" a start time outside of "Regular Scheduling" hours - prior to (10:30am) or after (4:00pm) Please choose one of the following: *
Start Time you are requesting for Darby Acres Farm to begin at your Event (does not include set-up time) *
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What time will your guests be arriving to the event? *
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If your guests will be arriving prior to the traveling zoo start time, please have your guests entertained with another activity while our handlers are setting up. Our handlers must give their complete attention to set-up to make sure all safety measures are fulfilled correctly. Please make certain that children and adults are not near the animals and set-up area until the agreed upon start time of your event. Please also make sure parking is saved for our truck and trailer (minimum of 44ft) and that your guest’s vehicles have left enough space for our vehicle’s turning clearance.
Name of Facility / Business / Organization/ Mailing Address if different than Event Location: (If Applicable) *
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EVENT LOCATION: Street Address *
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City / State / Zip *
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Type of Event *
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Guest of Honor & Age *
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Estimated Number of Guests (CHILDREN 0-17yrs) *
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Estimated Number of Guests (ADULTS 18yrs +) *
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Average Age of Guests (CHILDREN) *
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Place of Event *
If other, please give location type
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NOTE: *If you are planning on being at a park or public venue, please check with them to make sure animals are allowed! You are responsible for all permits and licenses that may be required for your event. Some venues need anywhere from 30-90 days, advance notice, to process a permit for an event. (permits are not normally required for your own privately owned home or facility, but you might want to check with your HOA or landlord also)
Have you received full approval and permits that may be required for our animals to be on the property of the event location? *
*IMPORTANT NOTE: *ALL Traveling Zoos, will require a liability waiver to be signed by EVERY participant's legal guardian. Participants that do not turn in a signed liability waiver will not be allowed to touch, pet, or have any interaction with the animals. *NO EXCEPTIONS*
*When a child under the age of 18 years old will be unaccompanied by their parent/legal guardian at ANY TRAVELING EVENT/BIRTHDAY PARTY, etc., a signed “PETTING FARM WAIVER” is REQUIRED from the child’s parent/legal guardian, and must be given to Darby Acres Farm, upon their arrival to the event. A signed waiver is required, by every participant, regardless if a parent is present at your event. *NO Exceptions *
*Attn: Host - Please print and have your signed waivers together and ready to turn in to our handlers upon their arrival. *
If an Educational Traveling Package to a school, how many children will be in each group and for what duration? (Example: 20 minute sessions / 15 children each session) *
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*Please note: Package prices listed are for small events. Larger Events (Festivals, HOA, Community events, Company picnics, etc.) will be charged an additional fee based on the number of guests you are expecting at your event and may range from ($40+ PER/HR.) that will be added to the package price you have chosen. We will contact you with Large Event/Festival pricing after we have received your fully completed online scheduling request form. *
Set-up requested for your location *
If Other / Additional Description for Set-up * Please give as much detail as possible. (school gym, behind baseball field, grassy area near side entrance of building, upstairs on second level, down hill near lake, etc.)
Your answer
**NOTE: We are unable to drive or take our animals in the trailer in storms producing lighting OR any icy conditions. It is not safe for anyone to drive on the ice! If ice OR lighting is in the forecast for the day of your event, please contact us, no less than 24 hours prior to your event, for a alternate package; (based on availability) OR a reschedule date. **THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS GIVEN. PLEASE HAVE AN ALTERNATE PLAN IN PLACE FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER.**
**IMPORTANT** Please let us know your plans for rain and/or if below 60 degrees, so we are able to prepare in advance. *(Please note, because of additional time and supplies, a In-Door Set-Up will have an additional charge, ranging from $10 to $50, depending on the type of package.) *
Is there shade available for the set-up area? *
Is there water available in the set-up area? *
Host must provide an adequate area for petting zoo and for parking of the traveling zoos truck and trailer. The traveling zoos truck and trailer must be parked within 25 feet of the petting zoo set-up area in a lighted area. Is there ample parking AND turn around space for our truck and trailer to load & unload our animals? (Up to 44ft or more may be required, depending on the traveling package your choose.) *
What area will be provided for parking and unloading of our truck and trailer? *
Please check all boxes to confirm you have read and understand our policy for our "Traveling Zoo Packages" BY CHECKING BELOW, I UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING. *
Do you have additional questions, that you are unable to find the answers to on our website? For the quickest response, please ask your question here! (Please make sure all contact information above is complete so that we can call you!)**Additional comments, requests or questions:
Your answer
No dates are held or confirmed until a 50%, NON-REFUNDABLE, deposit is received, cleared, and approved by our scheduling department. We recommend you make your down payment as soon as you have decided your date to reserve and hold it. Your event is not booked until your 50% deposit has cleared. *All remaining balances are due as follows: -A minimum of 5 business days prior to the scheduled event time for payments, by check, being mailed to our business office. *Events scheduled within 30 days of their event time, must be paid in full by credit card and will be charged a Short Notice Booking Fee of $30. *(PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS TO THE FARM - THERE IS NO MAILBOX THERE!) **THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS GIVEN. PLEASE HAVE AN ALTERNATE PLAN IN PLACE FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER.WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS THE DAY OF YOUR EVENT. WE ACCEPT PAYMENTS IN THE FORM OF CHECKS BY MAIL. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL BE CHARGED A $15 CONVENIENCE FEE. *
How will you be making payments? *
How many days until your event day? *
By sending this request, you are confirming that you have read our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers and understand our policies.Please confirm you have read our FAQs & Policies *
Taking pictures of your guests with the animals is fun! By checking the "Yes" option below, I authorize Darby Acres Farm, LLC, to publish photographs, taken by Darby Acres Farm or any participant and/or attendee of the traveling petting zoo, of attendees at our event and our names and likenesses, for use in the Darby Acres Farm, LLC’s social media, print, online and video-based marketing materials, as well as other Company publications.
Would you like for us to add your e-mail to our list to be e-mailed about additional information and upcoming events at the farm? *
**Please note: The health and safety of our animals is VERY IMPORTANT to us. It is at our discretion to replace an animal in your package with another awesome animal friend if they are not up to the party/event. If an animal is not feeling well, they get to call in sick too! *
While we make every effort to maintain the website to ensure the accuracy of our prices, prices are subject to change without notice. Your base package rate will be locked when your 50% deposit has been received, approved and cleared by our scheduling department.
IMPORTANT: DON'T FORGET YOUR REQUIRED LIABILITY WAIVERS!! Please print and have your signed waivers together and ready to turn in to our handlers upon their arrival.Thank you!
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