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Application for NSBEA/NBEA Dues Assistance
Generous donations have been received from NSBEA and NBEA members who wish to help their colleagues affected by the 2019 Nebraska floods.

This application process will be open until Wednesday, May 15, 11:59 pm. Donation amounts will be equally distributed among those members applying for dues assistance before May 15. Names of members receiving dues assistance will not be shared or published. However, a summary of assistance will be shared with members. (For example: 5 NSBEA members and 6 NBEA members received assistance totaling $700.)

Each member applying for dues assistance will be notified of the amount of dues assistance he/she will receive by May 21, 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a current NSBEA member, you are encouraged to apply for 2019-20 NSBEA dues assistance ($20) to expire June 30, 2020. If you are a current NBEA member, you are encouraged to apply for one year of NBEA dues ($100) from your specific expiration month. For example, if your NBEA dues expire June, 2019, dues assistance will apply for NBEA dues that would then expire in June, 2020. If your NBEA dues expire January, 2020, dues assistance will apply for NBEA dues that would then expire in January, 2021.

Please contact NSBEA Membership Director, Deb Wolken ( with any questions regarding this process.

Thank you!

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