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MULSS Meeting Feedback Form
The MULSS Committee is continuing an initiative from 2016 to open up student opinions on motions discussed at LSS Committee meetings, to better ensure representation of the student body and transparency of our processes. This initiative aims to incorporate more considered student opinion MULSS decision-making on its Motions.

MULSS Motions are major non-financial proposals, such as the MULSS Social Media Policy, Marriage Equality Statement and Recommendations to the Law Institute of Victoria’s Clerkship and Traineeship Guidelines.

To participate, please:
- Read the proposed Motions below and write either for/against or a considered comment for/against that particular Motion in the "your answer" box below it by midnight on Sunday May 21.
- In order to maintain a productive and structured process, opinions that are over 50 words or that do not raise points for or against the Motion in question will not be considered.

In order to see how comments were addressed or otherwise, email

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This is required in order to confirm you are a JD student, as MULSS represents only and all JD students. Faculty will confirm all numbers as JD student ones, so that you remain anonymous to all MULSS Committee members.
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MULSS Grants Program - MLS Student Body Initiatives
With the increase in MULSS' revenues for 2016-17 leaving us with a particularly favourable financial position, this motion proposes that we allocate some of the funds ($5000) to introducing a grants program for new student initiatives. The program will invite students in the Melbourne Law School JD community to submit ideas via application to the MULSS Committee for funding. The program is aimed at supporting initiatives which benefit the MLS community or which have some sort of legal/social justice element. For example: developing a basic mobile application which assists MLS students in course planning for their degree (subjects/exchange/clerkships etc.)We have a couple of ideas for how the approval process could work: Option 1: A Google form is created for submissions to the MULSS Committee, where students will outline their ideas in detail. The entire MULSS Committee will then vote on which initiative/s to fund at the first committee meeting of semester Option 2: The MULSS Leadership Team will assess the submitted applications and will determine the initiative/s which are to be funded. Option 3: A crowdfunding approach is taken, whereby every student in the MLS JD community gets allocated a virtual dollar amount and they are able to vote on which initiatives they wish to support. Students will submit preferences on which initiatives they are interested in and for those initiatives which have the first preference support of over a certain amount (e.g. $500), that amount of money will be committed to those initiatives. If an initiative is under the baseline amount (the funds will be allocated to the student's next preference).
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MULSS Event Subsidies
Over the course of semester one, the idea of subsidising tickets for law ball was raised by a significant number of students. We propose to draw from the LSS pool an amount to subsidise the cost of tickets for Spring Social. This is because it will both a) assist students who may not have the funds to attend extracurricular activities, in spite of the fact that the majority of their friends are and b) provide an indication of how successful a scheme such as this would work in future - particularly if applied to Law Ball. Law Ball is undoubtedly an enormous part of life at MLS; however, the cost of tickets does not reflect the overall cost of the event itself. Furthermore, given the expense of Law Ball, there are a number of students who are subtly excluded from a crucial part of the law school experience.
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Women's Volunteer Partnership
The Women's Portfolio proposes to make a Volunteer Partnership booklet advertising the possible organisations that MLS female students can volunteer for. The book will feature the LSS logo, organisation logos and information based on a pro forma form (which is being emailed to secretary since we cannot attach it to this form). It will be an easy and concise way for students to view the opportunities on a single platform. Secondly, we propose to POSSIBLY have a networking night, where all partnering organisations can each be at a table and discuss the organisation with students and network with female students of MLS.
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Women's Breaking the Glass Ceiling Panel
The Women's Portfolio proposes (in line with our prospectus) to hold a Panel at the start of second semester titled 'Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in Corporate Law'. The Panel will feature a representative from each of our 5 sponsor firms to discuss what it is like being a woman in a male dominated industry like corporate law. Since this is happening around the time of clerkship's we think this will be a great opportunity for students to meet firm representatives, gain insight into the corporate world and inspire their applications. We envision the event to be a large scale similar to International Women's Day.
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Joint Response to AHRC Report
The Women's Portfolio, along with other interested MLS students, would like to reach out to other student bodies at the University of Melbourne to discuss a potential joint response to the publication of the findings from the Australian Human Rights Commission's University Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Project. The findings from this project are set to be published mid-year. The other student bodies include but are not limited to the GSA and UMSU. Potential action which will be discussed include: - Researching and identifying deficiencies in current University policy. - Publicly endorsing/supporting/condemning recommendations that accompany the findings. - Publicly adding our own recommendations tailored to the University of Melbourne's existing policy. - Creating a petition to push the University to act on any recommendations. - Meeting with University to discuss the University's response to the publication. - Endorsing/supporting/ condemning the University's response to the publication. Why? - The publication of the project's findings will be the best time to push the University to change given the media coverage. - Current university policy, education about that policy, and support for regarding reporting sexual assault and harassment on campus is unclear, incoherent, inadequate and ineffective. This is supported by anecdotal evidence provided by students who have experienced sexual assault and harassment on campus. - Previous reports and anecdotal evidence show that there are high levels sexual assault and harassment in universities. It is unlikely that our university is different. - A joint position from major student bodies will be more influential than individual responses. This would be restricted to the discussion of potential joint action, the Women's Portfolio would need to seek further LSS approval for involvement once a course of action has been decided.
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MULSS Response to Federal Budget
A motion for MULSS to consider ways of making a response to the recent federal budget in regards to higher education funding and changes.
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