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Burton Health Sciences Volunteer Placement Questionnaire
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The following is a list of topics & major activities covered in our three Health Sciences courses. Let us know how you see yourself fitting into one of these curricular areas and/or which topics you may be most passionate about. We also welcome additional topics and ideas to augment and enhance the curriculum. Our emphasis is on exposing students to professionals in Health Sciences fields.

Health Sciences I
- Intro to Anatomy: Chicken Leg Dissection
- Skeletal System: Functional Movement Screening
- Muscular System: Musculoskeletal Model
- Cardiovascular System: Pathologies of the Circulatory System Models
- Endocrine System: Oxytocin, Diabetes, Intro to Pharmacology
- Reproductive System: Sea Urchin Fertilization, Dissection of Testes & Ovaries
Human Development, Gender & Sexuality
- Integumentary System: Skin Model
- Immune System: Chain of Infection, Suturing
- Brain and Nervous System: Brain Dissection, Intro to Psychology
- Digestive/Excretory System: Enzymes Lab, Miracle Berries

Health Sciences II
- Intro to Anatomy: Broken Bone Dissection
- Skeletal System: Bone Injury & Disorders Assessment
- Muscular System: Muscular Injuries, Functional Movement Assessment,
Injury Rehabilitation
- Scene Size Up: Scene Safety, Communicable Diseases Prevention & Infection
- Circulatory: vitals, CPR, AED, Shock, Pathologies
- Respiratory: Respirations, Oxygen Administration, OPA/NPA
- Endocrine System: Epipen, Narcan, 6 rights, Medication Administration, Nerve Agents
- Reproductive System: Reproduction Wheel, Development, SAGA, Delivery, Prenatal Care,
Birth Defects
- Integumentary System: Burns, Bleeding Control, Wound Care, C-Spine, Splinting
- Immune System: HIV/AIDS, Autoimmune Disorders, Immune Function, Suturing
- Brain and Nervous System: Psychology/Mental Illness, Addiction, Sensory Function
- Digestive/ Excretory System: Diarrhea, Hydration, Alcohol Poisoning,
Aspiration of Vomit, Poison Control
- Dentistry: Anatomy, Dental Profession

Health Sciences III
- Nutrition Deep-Dive
- The Properties of Medicinal Herbs & Spices, the History of Medicine,
Brewing Herbal Teas
- Vegetables, Intro to Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, & Antioxidants,
Multiple Ways of Prepping Veggies
- History of Sugar, Corporate Influences on Science & Public Policy, Sugar in the News,
Watermelon Salsa
- Fiber, Whole Grain Structure & Nutritional Value, Whole vs. Refined Grains, Starches,
Quinoa Salad & Fried Rice
- Lipid Types & Functions, The Debate Linking Fats to Cardiovascular Disease,
Spring Rolls
- Choosing Appropriate Fats & Oils, The Smoke Point & Trans Fats, Making Chili
- Fatty Acid Types, Prepping & Cooking Fish
- Protein Function, Protein Sources - the Pros & Cons, Whole-Chicken Butchery,
Chicken Fajitas
- Iron Chef/Cooking Healthily & Inexpensively in Your 20's
- Capstone Project
- Community Health
- Epidemiology
- Healthcare Disparities
- Hypertension Screening
- Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment
- Nonprofit Partnerships
- Thesis/Community Health Solution Defense

Which of the course topics are you most interested in and/or are there additional topics you'd want to address? *
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There are many ways that you can inspire the next generation of health care professionals and scientists from Burton High School. Please select the way(s) you are interested in getting involved: *
Is there anything else you would like us to know about your skills, expertise, volunteer/personal interests, or anything else you feel would be helpful to know?
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