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Student Portfolio Review Sign-Up - CoMotion 2018
Fill out this form if you are interested in receiving a portfolio review during this year's CoMotion.
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Please provide no more than 2 areas of interest. For instance, animation, design, production, etc.
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Please list 1-3 skills that you excel in (and enjoy doing). This will help pair you to the company/studio best suited for your skill set.
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In order to match a company to your interests, please provide your preference of who you would like to interview with. The pairings of students to studios will be determined by the MOME Department professors. Please remember, this DOES NOT guarantee you a spot for that company.

Please list 8 companies you are interested in receiving a portfolio review with. Choose the company you are most interested first, then choose by decreasing order of interest.

If you do not have a preference which company you speak with, leave this section blank and you will be placed according to the list of skills and interests you provided in the previous section.

Please reference the list on the attendees page on

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