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RSPCA Assured Product & Supply Chain Traceability Proforma
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**We request that itemised product lists are emailed separately to**


Fish (meat, or poultry) processors who outsource processing/packing to 3rd parties or transport head on gutted (HOG) product as "TBA" MUST cross reference the product sold with their sales teams.  Full, accurate and transparent sales information of any product identified as RSPCA Assured must be recorded and the levy paid.
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Name of your company (and site name in brackets if relevant)
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Please list your Contact Name, Job Title, Telephone No, Mobile, Email.  (Press ENTER after each field)
Membership No. *
Your Membership No. (XXXX.XXXX) or mark "N/A" if inapplicable
Meat-Fish-Poultry *
Which RSPCA Assured­ species do you produce, process, distribute, or supply? (Check as many boxes as required)
Membership *
Your membership, e.g. Producer, Abattoir, Egg Packer, Processor/Packer, Intermediary
RSPCA Assured­ Products *
What are your RSPCA Assured products? (Press ENTER after each line).  **Please submit your itemised product list with Product Codes under separate cover to**
What are you doing / making? *
Please specify what you are doing with the raw material.  E.g. cutting, deboning, processing, packing, storing, distributing etc.
Quarterly Volumes *
Please specify in litres of milk, number of eggs, and kilograms of meat/ fish/ poultry/ liquid egg, how much you produce/ process/ pack/ store/ distribute on a quarterly basis
Product List Submission? *
Have you submitted your product list?  For traceability purposes, members are required to send a copy of their itemised product list to, highlighting each individual product line.  E.g.  [Brand name] Pack of 12 Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks for [Retailer] or [Brand name] 5kg Whole Honey Glazed Gammon Off The Bone for [Foodservice company]
Product Artwork Submission? *
Has all of your consumer-facing product artwork been submitted to for approval?  Copies of packaging labels and foodservice menus displaying our registered name and certification mark are required for our records.  Artwork must adhere to our brand guidelines which are available to download from our website.
Suppliers, Membership No.'s, Products, & Quarterly Volumes *
Please name each supplier listing their Membership No.'s (XXXX.XXXX), Site Name where relevant, Contact Name, Job Title, Telephone No, Mobile, Email, Products Supplied, Quarterly Volumes Required in KG/ number of eggs/ litres of milk. (Press ENTER after each entry, and leave a blank line between each supplier).  **Note to Warehouse Storage/ Distributors:  your suppliers are those who you store/ distribute RSPCA Assured products for.**
Types of Customer *
Are your customers of RSPCA Assured products primary processors, secondary processors, packers, retailers, foodservice? (Check as many as required).
Customers, Membership No's, Products, & Quarterly Volumes *
Please name ALL customers purchasing your RSPCA Assured product(s), listing membership numbers (XXXX.XXXX) where applicable, Products Sold, and Quarterly Volumes in KG/ number of eggs/ litres milk. (Press ENTER after each entry).  [Retailers have no membership no.]  **Note to Warehouse Storage/ Distributors:  your customers are those who receive the RSPCA Assured products you store/ distribute.**
RSPCA Assured Supply Chain *
Please list your RSPCA Assured supply chain(s) one step forward and one step back with ALL company names and Membership No's. (Press ENTER after each entry, and insert a ">" between each stage of the supply chain.  [Retailers have no membership no.]  
BRC / SALSA Member? *
Are you a member of BRC or SALSA?
BRC No. *
List your number here or mark "N/A" if inapplicable
List your number here or mark "N/A" if inapplicable
Shared BRC Audit Report *
I have permitted 3rd party access so RSPCA Assured can view my BRC Report
Declaration *
I declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and includes all RSPCA Assured products. I can confirm that the supply chain is complete and all members are aware of the traceability requirements. I will notify RSPCA Assured of any updates to our contact details and traceability.  (Email updates to
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Registered Office:  Freedom Food Ltd, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 9RS    Tel:  01403 800 141    Email:
Company No. 2723670  Charity Registered in England & Wales 1059879 and Scotland SC038199
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