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HTCC Seniors Social Club
Where -- Hindu Temple
When -- 4th Saturday of the month
Time -- 3 to 5 PM
Age group -- 55+

Research has shown that irrespective of your age, meeting other seniors in your community and participating in different activities is vital for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Keeping the above factor in mind HTCC has started a once a month “Seniors Social” at the temple, which will mostly be on the 4th Saturday of each month from 3 to 5 PM. It offers a platform to meet other seniors in your neighborhood, share your experiences and knowledge. We offer presentations on valuable topics and physical activities that will enhance your day to day living. In summer, there will be organized field trips.

Activity (Agenda):
Meeting starts with a prayer
5 minutes of Pranayam
15 minutes of movement
Tea & snacks and socializing,

Every participant is expected to bring some finger snack enough for two and share with others. Please take whatever is left with you. Tea will be provided by the moderators of the day.

Once in a while we will have speakers on different topics.
1. You know your body the best. Do the exercises that you are capable of. Temple will not be responsible for any medical conditions.
2. Comfortable cloths and Tennis shoes are advisable.

Next Seniors Social is on Saturday, August 25th at Temple’s Basement from 3PM to 5PM. We will have a presentation by
Denise G. Dias, M.S.
Extension Agent/Family & Consumer Sciences
Johnson County K-State Research and Extension

Cleaning Healthy, Cleaning Green - People spend 90 percent of their time indoors. Studies by the EPA show levels of pollutants to be 2 to 5 times higher inside homes than outside. Many of these pollutants come from household cleaning products. Indoor pollutants can be reduced by limiting the number of chemicals used indoors. With these guidelines you can improve your indoor environment, save money and help conserve natural resources

TOPICS on Retirement to chose from:--

Retirement goal-setting/budgeting/inflation planning
Social Security
Taxes (it is possible that March would be too early for me to have meaningfully wrapped my brain around whatever new tax laws exist at that time, though)
Types of investment accounts (IRAs/Pension/401(k)/Roth/Non-retirement accounts)
Investments (asset classes and allocations/Bonds/Stocks/Mutual Funds/Annuities/ETFs)
How to evaluate a Financial Planner or Investment professional, including what fees to look for
Investment Risk Management strategies
Insurance (Life/Disability/Health/Long Term Care/Medicare)
Estate Planning (Wills/Trusts/beneficiaries)

Topics on more lighter side:--
Alzheimer's 101
Aging alone
Grey for a Day
Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate
Hoarding--The Impact of Compulsive Keepers
Bonding with Board Games
Cut The Clutter and Get Organized
Cleaning Healthy, Cleaning Green
With This Ring We plan
Smart Choice Insurance Program

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I further agree to indemnify and hold Hindu Temple & Cultural Center harmless for any injury or medical problem I may acquire during my participation in Senior Club activities. I agree to pay my own medical costs related to any injuries or illnesses that I incur during my participation in Senior Club activities. *
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