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Support TAMPON ALLIES because period products are not a luxury!
Dear President and University of Utah administration,

As students, faculty, and staff at the University of Utah, we believe that menstrual products must be free and accessible to all students regardless of where they are on campus. Much like toilet paper and hand soap, they are something that every single person on campus should have open access to utilize. We believe the University of Utah should continue to make menstrual products free and accessible to all U of U students, staff, and faculty so that no one has to be concerned about missing class, work, or their next meal because they can't afford a tampon or pad. Now that menstrual products are available in three buildings on campus and have been widely used by our students, staff, and faculty, we want them to be available in more places. In order to make these products more accessible to everyone on campus, period products should be spread in buildings across campus so that no one who needs a menstrual product will have to walk halfway across our campus in order to find one. Please consider our request to expand Tampon Allies' pilot project to bring free and accessible menstrual products across the University of Utah campus. Sign this petition to support this awesome cause to help build more equitable and healthy futures for all.

Tampon Allies & Students for Choice
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