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Converting to Organic Competition
Champion Farmer Converting to Organic Competition Online Application Form
Application Guidelines
The champion farmer converting to organic competition is an annual competition aimed at promoting Organic farming practices and Organic Certification. Produce should not be labelled organic unless they are certified. Organic farming leads to improved productivity, resilience to weather fluctuations and increased access to emerging Organic market opportunities. Organic agriculture is standards based therefore a knowledge of the standards is essential. The Champion Farmer Converting to Organic would be the farmer who has created the most Sustainable farming system which adheres to organic standards. The following areas will be assessed:

Crop Production Livestock Production
⦁ Soil and water management ⦁ Free Range areas and housing
⦁ Diversity ⦁ Feed/Nutrition
⦁ Nutrient management ⦁ Pest management
⦁ Pest management ⦁ Animal welfare
⦁ Post harvest management ⦁ Transport and slaughter
⦁ Measures to avoid contamination ⦁ Measures to avoid contamination

Entry requirements
The competition is open to farms of all sizes. The applicant must:
⦁ Use sustainable agronomic practices
⦁ Maintain organic production practices
⦁ Be registered with JAS/JOAM/RADA. If not already registered must register when selected as a finalist.
The application fee is waived for this competition. Complete and submit the form below.
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