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CICE Network Membership Sign up
CICE is a collaborative network of like-minded individuals.True CI/Lean champions who see that CI is about vision/coaching/learning/mentoring and about collaboratively working together, so we and NZ are all better off.
CICE - Continuous Improvement Collaborative Excellence - is the vision. Conversations, connections, exchanges.

Note: In the spirit of collaboration. Externals such as providers and consultants need to apply in person by email to Automatic entry will be confirmed post contact if mindset and collaborative action shown.
Showing your interest here is the first step, and your details will be reviewed prior to full and formal sign up to maintain the nature, culture and integrity of the network.
New sign ups. $450 + GST as of 1 April 2019. Price is in NZD. For a full year from date of joining. Annual rolling renewal.
What you put in
• Time, Ideas, Feedback, Stories, Your needs/wants, Challenges in the mix, Assistance to others....
What's happening
• Active networking/connections. People who can help you, and who you can help.
• Regular communication - telling everyone's stories, keeping you up to date with ideas and activities.
• One-on-one personal interaction.
• Email communications/updates/connections.
• Linked-in activity.
• Informal networking, breakfasts etc.
• Organised/facilitated/hosted sessions as generated by members (within limits).
• More structured events/activities extra.
• And the actual facilitation of the network, the work and drive to make it all happen.
What you personally get
• Networking with liked minded lean/CI people.
• Access to activities, events and others.
• Be an integral part of the lean/CI landscape.
• Personalised, targeted, effective, quick connections.
• Input into the shape that the network takes.
What the business gets
• Global access to lean/CI activity.
• Greater understanding to ensure success in the lean/CI space, your role and the business.
• Benefits of short-cutting, and having access to update to date thinking and activities.
This is an organic, personalised business enterprise with a huge global vision. It is the stories that 'sell' the concept.
Results are both tangible and intangible, and evidence continues of the real value being added. The very spirit of such a network is about everyone working together. It requires honesty, integrity, passion, professionalism, and a willingness for others to succeed.

The CICE Network Exchange has been going since 2014. In that time how it works in practice has and is being determined by members and activity. The network is amazing….Renewal question to a member?? Definitely a YES – it’s been great value. But each person/member wants something different. This means working together is a huge part of the success and is in a large part up to the individuals involved. Put a lot in and you’ll get a huge amount of value out. It is about sharing, learning inspiring each other. It is not about experts, we are not being sold to we are selling to each other.

Note: Commercial/financial connections and exchanges may fall outside the spirit/realms of the network.
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