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Computer Build
Sin's custom computer build submission form.
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Purpose *
Intended application of this build, in order to better understand what's necessary.
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If there are any components that are absolutely necessary or just flat-out wanted in this build, list them here.
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If there are any questions or concerns feel free to list them all here.
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Minimum requirements or any ideas to include in this build.
Remember to take into consideration what this build will be used for.
The list will be optimized later, even if incompatible components are listed.
This is just to get an idea of what's needed/wanted to better personalize your build.

Note that all of these are optional.
1. CPU/Processor(s)
How FAST or slow!? [AMD/Intel, Series, Clock Speed, Number of Cores/Threads, etc.]
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2. Motherboard
What features and options? [Brand, Series, Expansion Slots, Storage, I/O Connectors, etc.]
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3. Case/Chassis
What's your style? [Brand, Type, Color, Material, Drive Bays, Front Ports, etc.]
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4. RAM/Memory
How much multi-tasking? [Brand, Type, Capacity, Speed, CAS Latency, etc.]
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5. GPU/Graphics Card(s)
Any Gaming or Workstation graphics? [Brand, Series, Memory, Form Factor, Clock Speed, Number of Cards, etc.]
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6. Storage Drive(s)
How much \( SPACE )/? [HDD/SSD, Brand, Capacity, Interface, Cache, RPM, Number of Drives, etc.]
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7. Optical Drive(s)
Writing CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays? [Brand, Type, Interface, Cache, Form Factor, Number of Drives, etc.]
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8. PSU/Power Supply
How much POWERϟ? [Brand, Type, Maximum Power (Watts), Energy Efficiency, Connectors, etc.]
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9. Cooling Solutions
Trying to stay cool? [Liquid Cooling or Fans or Both, CPU & GPU? Brand, Type, etc.]
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10. Operating System
None (You install your own), Microsoft Windows <Version>, Apple Mac <Version>, or Linux <Flavor><Version>? [ツ]
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Additional — Stuff
Requests for anything not mentioned above. Could be hardware and/or software.
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For communication.
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Other Communication
If you prefer other methods of communication (Phone, Discord, Skype, Google Hangouts, Twitter etc.), please list them here.
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