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School of Discovery Social and Emotional Behavior Post-Test Survey
Directions: Read each statement carefully. If the statement applies to you, select "True". If the statement does not apply to you, select "False". Please keep in mind that this survey is completely anonymous, so your responses will not be connected to you. Thank you for your participation!
I am confident in my ability to talk out problems with people. *
Coming up with lots of different ideas of what to do helps me solve problems. *
I know coping strategies to help me solve problems. *
I am able to solve problems with people without using violence or aggression. *
I can listen to others. *
I am sensitive to other people’s feelings, even if they are not my friends. *
I get concerned when I hear about other people’s problems. *
I try to look at everybody’s side of a disagreement. *
When I lose my temper, I take my anger out on other people. *
I get carried away by my feelings. *
My emotions make me do things that I regret later. *
I think about other people’s feelings before I do something. *
Before I do something, I think about how it will affect the people around me. *
I say the first thing that comes into my mind without thinking enough about it. *
I stop and think things through before I act. *
Sometimes I can’t stop myself from doing something, even if I know it’s wrong. *
I try to talk out a problem instead of fighting. *
I have told other students how I felt when they upset me. *
It is easy for me to make friends. *
I know how to stand up for myself without being mean. *
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