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This form is to serve as the adoption contract between Sheila's Hope Animal Rescue and the adopter. By filling this out and providing an electronic signature at the bottom you are stating everything in this contract is true.  If you would like a copy, please request one by sending an e-mail to
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Your Full Name: *
Dog's Name: *
Breed: *
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Cell Phone: *
Home Phone (If no home phone, put N/A): *
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I agree the dog will be an indoor dog. He/she will not be left outside unattended for any lengths of time to include during working hours. He/she will be sheltered during inclement weather and will have access to sufficient food and water. *
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I will choose a licensed veterinarian to provide necessary wellness checks. This will include being current on all vaccinations. *
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I will ensure he/she is treated with flea, tick, and heartworm preventative. If the dog I am returning tests positive for heartworms after returning to SHARe, I will reimburse the cost of treatment. *
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I agree ownership of the dog will not be transferred to anyone at any time during the life of the dog. If I decide I no longer can care for the dog, then I will contact SHARe at At that point, a representative will coordinate a time to have the dog picked up. If a foster is available then the dog will be picked up at the earliest convenience of the SHARe representative. If no foster is available, I understand I will care for the dog until either a home can be found or a foster becomes available. I will reimburse for any expense in picking up the dog. *
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If I decide the dog is not working during the 7-day trial period, the adoption fee will be refunded minus the expense the rescue has incurred by transporting the dog to and from your place of residence. This will be a minimum of $50. If the distance is outside the DFW area, the fee will vary based on travel expenses. *
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I understand that dogs can be unpredictable in new environments. I will not hold SHARe responsible for any damages or expenses caused by the dog while in my care. This includes any property, personal damage, or medical expenses due to the dog's behavior. *
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I understand SHARe has the right to investigate and follow-up after the adoption process at any time for claims that may be made against me regarding the poor care of the dog. I also understand SHARe may follow-up to ensure all guidelines of the contract are being followed at any time. *
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If I adopt a puppy or any dog that has not been altered due to certain circumstances, I will either make the dog available to get altered at the time requested or have it done at a vet of my choosing. I will also provide records to SHARe upon completion. *
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I agree to pay any court/attorney fees shall SHARe need to seek legal action in claiming the dog if reasonable evidence is presented indicating the guidelines of this contract have not been fulfilled. This include if the dog has been mistreated, sold, or abandoned. *
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By signing below I am claiming all information provided in this contract is true and accurate.
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