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Registration Form for the Tao Geomancy Certification Course, Level 1, at Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1-8 October 2022
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Course Preparation
Good health is a prerequisite for attending this course.  Do you have any health conditions which might affect your participation in the course? *
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Limited Liability Waiver
I understand that exploring and experiencing the subtle energy fields and energetic records of people, buildings, and various physical locations might result in temporary physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual disturbances and energetic imbalances. I take full responsibility for assessing my own readiness and ability to participate in this course, and for the practical applications which I might engage in after completing this course. I understand that energetic activations and transmissions intended to enhance my sensitivity and abilities to work with subtle energies are a part of this course, and I accept responsibility for engaging in such activities, with their corresponding consequences. *
I hereby hold harmless and release Stephen Quong and any of his assistant instructors from any liability which might arise from participation in this course. I agree not to teach the proprietary techniques which I learn in this course, without the express written permission of the Master Instructor Stephen Quong, or Grandmaster Dr Jes TY Lim of the Qi-Mag International Feng Shui and Geobiology Institute. *
Cancellation and Refund Policy
You may cancel your tuition payment and receive a refund up until 00:01 GMT, 15 September 2022, minus a $108 cancellation fee.  After this deadline, no refunds are permitted, and  you may choose the option of receiving credit for other courses, products and services offered by Stephen Quong.

I understand and agree with this requirement.
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