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International Dessert Competition Registration
Twelve teams of two will be chosen from the applications received to compete in an international dessert competition. The competition will be held in the SUB Atrium on Thursday, November 16th from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm. Both members of your team must be present during that time to compete. The teams will be judged based on how well the team uses their dessert to promote a study abroad destination, as well as taste and presentation. The dessert must comply with food safety regulations that will be provided to you once you team has been selected to compete.The winning team will receive $100, second place will receive $50, and third place will receive $20 in LoboCa$h. The deadline to apply is Friday, October 27th.
Team Member 1 Name:
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Team Member 2 Name:
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What country or sovereign nation is your dessert from?
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Recipe for dessert
Note: The dessert must not contain any ingredients that can spoil (ex: fresh or uncooked dairy, cream, ice-cream, or meat, for example) or require any heating or refrigeration. Heat and refrigeration will not be available during the competition and you cannot provide your own for the competition. This is due to the health and safety requirements for this particular event.
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Name of dessert
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Are both team members available on Thursday November 16th 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm?
Why should someone visit the country you are representing (provide three fun facts or points of interest)?
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Can you produce 72 bite size samples?
Will you need cups, plates, or napkins to sample your dessert? Please list what you will need.
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Will you sell individual sized portions to recover costs?
Optional: You may sell individual portions to recover costs from purchasing ingredients. Note: These are in addition to the bite sized samples.
Please provide us with your team contact information.
Phone and Email
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