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Questionnaire for NCKU Foreign Alumni about the Current Career 成大外籍校友目前生涯發展的問卷調查
To understand more about the career of our foreign alumni after the graduation from NCKU, please complete this questionnaire. Besides, we sincerely welcome you to visit NCKU often. If any suggestion or anything, please do not hesitate to contact us (email: 為了瞭解更多我們外籍畢業校友從成大畢業後的生涯發展,請協助我們填妥以下的問卷。此外,我們誠摯地邀請您們常回成大探訪。若有任何建議或其他想跟我們分享的,歡迎隨時與我們聯絡(Email:。
A. Personal Information 個人資料
* Permanent Email 永久電子郵件 *
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1. College 學院 *
what college did you study at NCKU? 在成大時,你就讀那一個學院?
2. Dept./Inst. 系所 *
What dept./Inst. did you study at NCKU? 在成大,你就讀哪一個系所?
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3. NCKU Student ID No. 成大學號
If you remember your student ID, please provide to us. It will facilitate us to find your record. 若你還記得你的學號,請盡量提供。
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4. Degree 學位 *
What degree did you get at NCKU? 在成大,你就讀哪個學位?
5. Chinese Name
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6. English Name 英文名字 (Surname, Given Name 姓、名) *
Same with Passport (Surname, Given Name) 與護照相同
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7. Gender 性別 *
8. Nationality 國籍 *
Same with passport 與護照相同
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9. Which year did you enroll in NCKU? And which year did you graduate from NCKU? 你哪年入學?哪年畢業呢?
ex. Sept. 2006/ Feb. 2009
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