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TRBO Sharp Shooter Weekly Made Log
Hi Sharp Shooters!

Please fill out this form with your name and shots made for that week by Friday at 10:00 pm to be considered for the weekly drawing. Please only enter shot made for that week. Shots made should be entered as a whole number for example 110, 143, etc.

ONE RULE: Shots taken place at basketball practice or in games DO NOT count toward shooting club makes.
Have more questions or need understanding on How Shooting Club works? Go to our website:

Please reference the website for workout tips and locations with covered courts. Have fun shooters!
First and Last Name *
September 27: Week 1 Shots Made
October 4: Week 2 Shots Made
October 11: Week 3 Shots Made
October 18: Week 4 Shots Made
October 25: Week 5 Shots Made
November 1: Week 6 Shots Made
November 8: Week 7 Shots Made
November 15: Week 8 Shots Made
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