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CertLink In-Training Pilot Registration 2019
About CertLink
The American Board of Nuclear Medicine (ABNM) is happy to invite you to participate in a new longitudinal assessment pilot: CertLink™ In-Training, developed for American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Member Boards. The ABNM already created the Certlink pilot for our diplomates which has been very well received. The in-training pilot will deliver questions with detailed explanations and references directly to registered in-training residents.

Based on adult learning theory, CertLink questions and explanations provide repeated exposure to relevant information as a way to test and expand knowledge. The process helps individuals fill knowledge gaps and demonstrate proficiency. The questions will be image rich and high quality with practice-relevant content.

The ABNM CertLink pilot was launched in January 2018 and will run for 4 years. Over 500 diplomates are currently participating. Diplomates who participate may not need to take the MOC exam to re-certify.

The ABNM is offering residents and fellows an opportunity to participate in CertLink without charge, from January 1 – December 31, 2019.

CertLink is a valuable educational self-assessment tool that may help you prepare for the certification examination by identifying areas of strengths and weakness. If you decide to participate, you will receive up to 13 multiple choice questions every 3 months (including 9 new questions, and up to 4 “repeat” questions to reinforce learning). Upon submitting an answer, you will immediately receive feedback on the correct answer with an explanation, key points and references for further reading.

Participation in CertLink is voluntary. CertLink does not replace the In-Training Examination (ITE) or the ABNM Initial Certification Examination. You must take the ITE in January 2019, even if you register for CertLink.

More information is provided in the attached FAQs, and on the ABNM website at

To register for CertLink™ In-Training you must complete this registration form by December 1, 2018 in order to participate.

CertLink™ Registration Form
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How many months of Nuclear Medicine or Nuclear Radiology will you have completed in all ACGME accredited training programs as of January 1, 2019?
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How many months of Nuclear Medicine or Nuclear Radiology training will you have completed in all ACGME accredited training programs when you take the ABNM certification examination?"
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Intent to Participate
By submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree to the following statements:

a) You have read the CertLink Pilot Program Frequently Asked Questions (

b) You understand that changes in the pilot program may occur to refine and improve the pilot program.

c) You agree to receive and respond to communications regarding the pilot, including notifications about changes to the program, survey requests, and opportunities to participate in in-person focus groups.

d) Your participation in the pilot is voluntary and you may withdraw from the program at any time. Details regarding withdrawal from the program can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

e) I will not copy, share, or otherwise divulge any of the questions or answers, or related information provided during feed back, in part or in-full with any other individual or group. I will answer all questions without consulting other individuals. I understand that I may use other resources to answer questions (such as textbooks, journals, and information available on the web), and that I may discuss the CertLink platform and program structure with other individuals. Failure to adhere to this policy will be considered a breach of professional ethics and subject to sanctions, as described in the ABNM policy on licensure, which is available at, and which I have reviewed.

Please contact the ABNM office via email or phone at or 314-367-2225 if you have any questions.

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