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GVGS Winter Skills Clinics - Sign Up Form
Join Golden Valley Girls Softball for our four winter skills clinics!

-------- Clinic Information ---------
GVGS coaches and local female athletes from West Metro Softball will be working together to provided a unique and specialized experience to GVGS players in the coming months. Based on skill level and experience, players will choose their clinic level where they will receive one-on-one attention and participate in small group development activities to strengthen their hitting, fielding, baserunning, pitching, and game knowledge.

Clinic coaches will include GVGS coaches from the junior and senior league as well as some of the top athletes from West Metro Softball (many are GVGS alumni!)

-------- Price --------
All clinic sessions are free of charge! We will have a donation jar at the check-in table - donations are welcome and much appreciated.

--------- Clinic Levels ---------
Beginner: Grades 3-12
Skills Required: None (0-1 year experience recommended for Beginner group)
Focuses -- Basic Skills and Rules | Beginning Hitting and Fielding | Softball Teamwork

Intermediate: Grades 5-12
Skills Required: Solid Foundation
Focuses -- Hitting Technique, Accuracy and Power | Intermediate Fielding Techniques | Intro to Baserunning Strategy | Enhancing Pitching (Intro to Pitching offered as well) | Teamwork and Communication

Advanced: Grades 8-12
Skills Required: Above Average/Excellent Skill Set
Advanced Hitting Techniques (Power and Placement) | Advanced Fielding Techniques (Tags, Dives, Multi-Outs) | Practicing Strategic Game Play | Advanced Pitching Techniques | On-Field Leadership | Teamwork and Communication

--------- Dates and Times -----------
Sun Jan 23 10:15a-12:15p Cooper High School Gym Beginner & Intermediate
Sat Feb 12 1:00-3:00pm Lindbergh Center Gym Intermediate & Advanced
Sat Mar 12 1:00-3:00pm Plymouth Middle School Gym Beginner & Intermediate
Sun Apr 10 1:00-3:00pm Lindbergh Center Gym Intermediate & Advanced
*If cancellations should occur due to weather of COVID-19 related issues, registrants will be notified via email.

-------- Equipment Needed -----------
All players will need a glove, water bottle, and tennis shoes.
Optional equipment includes bats, batting gloves, and helmet
*Masks will be required at the Jan 23 clinic given the state of the Omicron variant - mask requirement will be reviewed before each clinic but will remain highly recommended for all participants at the very least.

-------- Other Information ----------
GVGS will be selling merch during our clinics! Personalized merch can be ordered at clinics to receive items on Opening Day 2022!

*Raffle at All Clinics!*
We will be drawing names for a Raffle Prize at the end of each clinic. Raffle tickets will be $1.00 at the Check-In table. Prizes may include new equipment, merchandise, registration discounts, and more.
** Bring a friend (new to GVGS) = win two free Raffle Tickets! **

*2022 Registration Available at Clinics*
If you haven't yet signed up for 2022 GVGS, you can do so at our Check-In Table at any of our winter clinics.
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