Virtual Consultations Information and Request Form
The Writing Center will be continuing its services online for the rest of the semester, starting March 23. Appointments can be scheduled at Graduate students, be sure to limit your view of each schedule to "specialized graduate support" to work with a graduate student.

There will be two types of schedules available:

Live Online Tutoring (Synchronous Online Tutoring)

Like our face-to-face tutoring, live online tutoring takes place in real-time with both the student and tutor “present.” Both parties are able to view the student’s work on screen and can communicate through audio/video or chat. Especially helpful for line-by-line editing help!

24 hrs. Later Feedback (Asynchronous Online Tutoring)

Unlike live online tutoring, 24 hrs. later feedback, or asynchronous tutoring, does not take place in real-time. Students will reserve slots on the 24 hrs. Later Feedback schedule and attach the most recent draft of their paper, along with the instructor's assignment sheet or prompt, and receive written feedback from the tutor within 24 hours of the appointment start time. The tutor will review the writing assignment for 45 minutes and make observations, pose questions, and suggest strategies for the improvement of your writing. Tutors will not be editing papers, but providing some editing suggestions.

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