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Financial Gifts Commitment Form
The Eucharistic Perpetual Adoration Chapel of Saint Joseph
Please accept this form as an invitation to prayerfully consider how you would like to plan your tithing this year, in gratitude for the many gifts you have received from God. Every parish member is invited and encouraged to fill out this planning sheet. This annual planning sheet also helps us update our membership roster with you current contact information. Thank you for planning your financial support and helping us serve you better as a member of our community!
Star of the Sea's 2017 "Stewardship of Treasure" Commitment Weekend takes place on November 11 & 12.
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Financial Gift
Sharing your gifts of treasure demonstrates a conscious commitment to give back to God from your "First Fruits," rather than what is left over, from all that He has so generously given to you. Your gift is about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and your commitment to serve others.

We ask every household in our parish to prayerfully consider making a pledge. We don't give to a need so much as we have a need to give, to be free disciples of Jesus who know what we have received and desire to share these gifts with others. Of course, your gifts also enable your parish to fund many good works: adult and children religious education, providing sacraments, liturgies, and devotions, as well as the basic personnel and maintenance costs of a dynamic parish. Your pledge is a covenant between you and God, but it allows us to realistically budget our expenses and plan for ministries.

Stewardship is proportional, each giving according to his or her means: not equal gifts but equal sacrifices. The "widow's mite" can be just as lovingly sacrificial as the rich man's millions. In planning your commitment, please consider: the average Catholic gives 1% of their weekly salary, while the Bible calls us to a full tithe (10%). Prayerfully consider working toward that full tithe gradually. If you give 1% today, could you plan on 1.5% or 2% next year? For each work week, your "First Fruits" is your first hour of work. Would you consider giving the value of one hour a week back to God?

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