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Friday on Campus Bhagavad Gita Study Class - Free and open to all !!
Bhagavad Gita is a classic and prime Yoga Text book which provides the basic answers that most people have about life. Its universal spiritual truths can be used and applied by anyone, anywhere, and at any time in history. When one studies B.G systematically under a qualified teacher, a person can acquire proper direction in life, a deeper realization of one’s true identity, and attain a level of self-confidence and peace by inward reflection and realization that can never be reached through ordinary, materialistic studies or endeavors.
This study group meets every Friday from 6 pm to 7 pm on campus under the able guidance of Dr. Balkrishnan. Every Friday Dr. Balkrishnan comes all the way from Houston to teach B.G for the benefit of TAMU students. So please take advantage of this FREE BG study class.

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