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Grant Application - International Coaching
All National Sporting Organizations applying for an international coach for your sport are required to answer questions provided on this sheet.
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Have a current Development Plan in place?
If yes, please also indicate if this has been submitted to the Commission.
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Have a current Strategic Plan?
If yes, please also state how long the plan is for.
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Able to provide us your Audited Accounts?
If no, please explain why.
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Able to provide your current and 2015 budget?
Given the opportunity to acquire international coaches and this being funded by the Government of Fiji through the Commission, your organization must show budgets to fund some of the expenses for the coach which are not included in the contract. If your answer here is no, please explain why.
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Have an existing contract with your current coaches and managers?
If so, please state for how long.
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Have back up of local and assistant coaches to help your coach?
Have a Development Squad in place?
If so, please provide your squad list names to the Commission
Your answer
Have a National Squad?
If already appointed, please provide your squad list names to the Commission
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Are following documents are in place?
Please also provide the same to the Commission.
List your sports current International Ranking
Example: Oceania, World Ranking Events, Pacific Games, World Games, Junior Championships etc
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List planned competitions for the year
Including International, Regional and Local
Your answer
Have an office space?
Are you fully equipped?
Office space for coach?
Which office space can you identify at your own cost for your coach to work
Your answer
List all facilities used for the National Squad training
Your answer
Country you propose to enlist your coach from?
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Agree with the statement below?
Disclaimer: The coach has to have a range of selection. He has the final say in the selection of the team.
Are you registered under any Charitable Trust?
If yes, please also name the organization your sport is registered under.
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Does your sport have a current sponsorship agreement
If so, please also state for how long is this agreement for?
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Have constitution or charter in place?
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