Debbie Groff Memorial Book Scholarship Application

Application for Spring 2015 Semester

    The Debbie Groff Memorial Book Scholarship is a program supported by the Faculty, Professional Staff Group, and Educational Support Staff at Labette Community College in honor of the late Debbie Groff. The Committee seeks to help students ease the burden of the high costs of attending college by providing book loans and purchasing books for needy students in the Labette Community College family. For more information or to make a donation of money or textbooks, please contact committee chair Kelly Kirkpatrick in the Student Success Center.

    Priority application date for awards is 8:00 a.m. Friday, January 9, 2015.

    Applications received after that date will not be considered until AFTER the first round of awards has been made.

    Who is eligible for the Scholarship?

    Students must first be enrolled for the semester for which they are requesting books. LCC students who are not already receiving financial aid for textbooks will be given first choice over those students who are receiving textbook aid. High School students are not eligible by Kansas state law. Students must reapply each semester. If you have further questions please call 820-1147 or The Financial Aid Office may be contacted to confirm financial status.
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