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2021-2022 Ohio University Cheerleading Tryouts
Phase 1: Questionnaire
What is your full name? *
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What is your date of birth? *
Have you been accepted to Ohio University for Fall 2021? *
What is your intended/declared major? *
What programs have you previously cheered for? Please list most recent first. *
What is your current GPA (cumulative from most recent school): *
What positions have you held on your previous team(s)? (i.e.: flyer, base, back spot, etc.) *
Do you have a standing back tuck? (true standing - no step) *
Do you have a standing back handspring tuck? (true standing - no step) *
Do you have a power roundoff tuck? *
What other standing tumbling skills do you have? *
What other running tumbling skills do you have? *
What strengths do you bring to your current or most recent team? *
What are some areas in which you believe you have room for improvement? *
What kind of experience do you have with partner stunting? Please include the skills you can solidly perform as well as the skills you are currently working on. *
Why do you want to cheer at Ohio University? *
What does being a collegiate cheerleader mean to you? *
What do you hope to bring to your cheerleading team? *
What do you hope to learn from your cheerleading team? *
What are your social media handles? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. *
What are your interests outside of cheerleading? *
Please list name and contact information (email, phone, etc) for your most recent coach: *
I have read and understand the Liability and Release Waiver provided to me by Ohio University Cheerleading. *
I have read and understand the Policies and Procedures for the Ohio University Cheerleading Team. *
I understand the selection of the 2021-2022 Ohio University cheerleading team is at the discretion of the judges. Results are final, conclusive, and non-negotiable. *
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