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We are a hardcore guild with extensive private server experience spanning the past 5 years. Our main goal is being a competitive force in the speed running scene while also having a good time with the memes.

We have several times in the past proven our self when it comes to speedrunning during classic. Now we have set our eyes on WOTLK and we are not slowing down.

Raid Schedule

Wed  20-23/24
Thur 20-23/24

What we are looking for

We are only looking for people who will go above and beyond. We already have players who have been unmatched for several years when it comes to DPS/Healing/Tanking. We are looking for players who think they can challenge these people and play the game at the highest level competitively.

This is not a "part" time guild. We expect you to put the guild first. There will be uncomfortable raid times when new releases are out, and tedious practice sessions to make sure we nail down important strategy.

If you have any questions contact Uki#1533 or Laty#1337

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