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Christian Mothers' Group Membership Registration 2017-2018
Dear CMG Moms,

This year we are blessed to celebrate 30 years as a ministry - serving God, mothers, our church and community! Each one of you is a cherished member of our group and I hope you will get involved as we commemorate this special Anniversary Year. We are experimenting with this online membership form, so space is limited to explain what each event is about. Go ahead and sign up even if you want more information or aren't sure what is involved. We will follow up with you and answer any of your questions.

As you fill out our annual membership form, please prayerfully consider how you'd like to be involved this year. You may need to maximize the page to see all the information. What talents and interests has God blessed you with? What CMG ministries, programs, events or positions are you drawn to? God has called us to do so much as a group and your involvement makes ALL the difference.

Please remember to hit "SUBMIT" when you've filled out the form. The information you provide here is protected. Thank you in advance for choosing to get involved with our vibrant and loving Christian Mothers' Group family. May you and your family be blessed with the love and peace of Christ.

My CMG love and prayers,

Margie Eades
CMG President
704-541-7703 (H)
704-236-0920 (C)

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Husband's Name
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Parish or Church Name (optional)
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1 - Child's First Name and Birthdate
(e.g., Mary 9/19/2005)
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2 - Child's First Name and Birthdate
(e.g., Matthew 10/12/2007)
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3 - Child's First Name and Birthdate
(e.g., Mark 9/19/2008)
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4 - Child's First Name and Birthdate
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5 - Child's First Name and Birthdate
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6 - Child's First Name and Birthdate
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Previous or current occupation/work experience:
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Special interests, hobbies, talents, computer skills, musical talents (please list any instruments), etc.
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List any areas you can share with the group for a future program, or any possible program ideas:
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In the sections below, please check at least one committee to participate in. Match your talents and interests to the wide range of CMG programs, positions, and events.
~Executive Officers
Vice President
Publicity Chair
Programs & Events Chair
Programs & Events Co-Chair
Hospitality Chair
Hospitality Co-Chair
Childcare Chair
Spirituality Chair
Spirituality Co-Chair
~CMG Publicity
Copying CMG handouts for kick-off brunch
Photographer for CMG events
Reference List
Website & Facebook
~CMG On-Going Programs
Monthly Rosary Group
Moms and Kids Service Projects
Prayer Chain
Pro-Life Activities
Women in the Word (movie series and book/Bible study)
~CMG Events
Advent on the Polar Express (Friday, Dec. 8 at 6PM)
Family Bingo Night (Saturday, Jan. 20 at 6:15 PM)
Brunches (Sept. 15, Dec. 1, April 27)
Christmas Giving Tree (Nov. & early Dec. with Sort Night on Monday, Dec. 11 at 6 PM)
Easter Egg Hunt (Saturday, March 24 at 11AM)
Girl Scout Luncheon (spring)
Ministry Fair - CMG table
Reception for Parents of Deceased Children (Sunday, Nov.19 at 1:30 PM)
Mother/Daughter Tea
Pasta Family Night (Saturday, Feb. 3 at 6:15 PM)
Retreats (evenings/overnight)
Santa Suit Rentals (Dec.)
Summer Sizzler Activities
30th Anniversary Planning Committee
~CMG Hospitality
Clergy Appreciation
CMG Name Tags
Follow-up Calls to New Members
Hostess for Moms/Couples Night Out
Meals for Moms in Need
Moms and Kids Outings
Prayer Chain Participant
Refreshments for CMG Meetings
Sunshine Committee (cards for ill/grieving)
~CMG Childcare (for our meetings)
Childcare Liaison
Childcare Volunteer Coordinator
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