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The Haven Events Team
The Haven relies on volunteers to organize and host the events that you see happening within the server. The people in charge of these events are on the Events Team.

We have 2 positions on the Events Team.

Events Staff: the Events Staff are in charge of organizing and hosting events. You must host a minimum of 2 events per month, and check in with the Head of Events each Sunday in the weekly ping check in. Upon being added to the Events Staff, you will undergo a short orientation with the Head of Events to go over the basics and have any questions answered.

Events Helpers: the Events Helpers are on the Events Staff but are only required to HELP with 2 events per month. This might mean making sure the resources for an event are pinned, planning out the details for a large scale event, and directing/guiding members to the Head of Events to have questions answered. They must check in with the Event Coordinators when pinged, but do not have to host a minimum amount of events.

Staying on the Events Team is subjective to performance and interaction in both positions, and the Head of Events and/or Moderating team may choose to remove you if you do not carry out your required tasks.
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Events Staff are required to HOST 2 events per month in order to stay on the team. Event Helpers are required to carry out tasks asked of them and help plan 2 events per month.
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