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Swiss Water Partnership Youth - Registration
SWP Youth is an initiative for and by young people based in Switzerland and working towards leveraging water for development. It aims at creating an active community of young water professionals, students and future water leaders. SWP Youth provides a platform for youth-led projects and initiatives to strengthen the involvement of young people in the water sector both in Switzerland and globally. SWP Youth is also an avenue to organise and participate in training, mentorship and other capacity development activities.

Who can join? Anyone fulfilling the following criteria is welcome to join:

    - be between 15 and 30 years of age
    - have a base in Switzerland (either for residency, studies, research, regular professional activities or participating in the SWP Youth Water Challenge)
    - be interested in Water for Development

To become a member of SWP Youth, you do not need to have affiliation with an existing SWP member organisation. However, if you are already a part of one such member organisation, you are encouraged to join individually as a member of SWP Youth.

Find out more about SWP Youth: 
And its current projects: 

Feel free to contact us: 

How do we understand "Water"? We consider water as an inter-connected system, so the term includes all water-related proccesses, e.g. sanitation/ waste-water, hygiene, water supply, water for food and energy, Integrated Water Resource Management, nature-based solutions, etc.
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