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29th Annual Halifax Fringe APPLICATION

Please note: If you find any portions of this application are not functioning or if you are experiencing difficulty submitting, please e-mail and we will correct the problem as soon as possible.

Halifax Fringe Festival takes place August 29 - September 8, 2019 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Communication with Halifax Fringe Festival will take place by e-mailing

Application Form/Fee Due: March 25th, 2019 at midnight AST
Notification of Acceptance: April 1st, 2019
Confirmation of Acceptance/Prod Fee due: May 1st, 2019

Halifax Fringe Festival takes place in K'jipuktuk on unceded Mi'kmaw territory.

We encourage applications from underrepresented communities, including Black, Indigenous, communities of colour, people with disabilities, and from the Two-Spirit and trans communities,

We've been presenting an accessible, un-juried, uncensored, arts festival annually for the last 29 years. Halifax Fringe Festival is 11 days, over 11 venues, over 55 days, preforming over 350 individual performances and 100% of the box office is returned to the artists.

We are proud members of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, Theatre Nova Scotia, and The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op.

Early Bird Application are in person only at our application Launch Event. There is a limit of 15 first come first served guaranteed entry applications. After those are gone the rest of the festival is by lottery.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form on this website, or e-mail us at

Application Fee: $50 ($45 early bird)
Production Fee: ranges from $200 - $2,3540.00
Withdrawal by June 30, 2019: 50% return
Withdrawal after June 30, 2019: 0% return

Your production fee ranges depending on how many performances you want in what size venue.

You choose you rune time (up to 70 min), your venue size (up to 180 seats), and how many performances (up to 13). You also choose your ticket price (ranging from PWYW to $15.)

Correspondence will be through e-mail with the Primary Contact only, unless the Secondary Contact or another method of communication is required for any reason. Halifax Fringe Festival (the “Festival”) is part of a growing community of Fringe Festivals throughout North America, dedicated to supporting independent performers and artists and creating affordable spaces through which diverse communities can experience boundary-pushing theatre and other performances, in accordance with the four criteria set out by the Canadian Association Of Fringe Festivals (CAFF):

Fringe Festivals are un-juried.
Fringe Festivals are uncensored.
Fringe Festivals are accessible to audiences and artists.
Fringe Festivals return 100% of the ticket price to participating artists.

BYOV: We accept "bring-your-own-venue" (BYOV) shows. In that case you supply your venue, your technical equipment, your technicians. We supply volunteers to run box office. If you supply your own venue, your Registration Fee is a flat $200.

Halifax Fringe Festival will provide a venue/stage with sound, lighting, seating, venue technician and technical set-up time (for BYOV applications please refer to point 12 above). We provide box office management services to sell tickets and deal with audiences. You must use our ticket seller. We will place your show into the Fringe schedule, on and in the official Halifax Fringe Festival printed program, with blurb/write-up and a (small) hi-res graphic of your choice. We will return to you all box office receipts within 5 business days of the closing of the Halifax Fringe. We will provide billeting when possible.

You are responsible for your own publicity, posters, advertising.
You are responsible for your own personnel/volunteers in set-up, take down, stage management, etc.
You are responsible for providing prompt and accurate information to the Festival when we request it.

Primary Contact Name
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Primary Contact Email
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Primary Contact Main Phone
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Primary Contact Mailing Address
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Performance Title
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Performance Creator
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Is this an original work?
Is this a premiere?
Do you have production rights?
Do you have permission from your association to participate?
Please describe your project
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Type of project (please select all that apply)
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Project Rating
Does your project contain any notable content or production elements (check any/all that apply)
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Please indicate/describe the physical space required for your performance (stage dimensions, backstage space, performance space height, wall space, audience access, etc)
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Please list any technical needs for your project
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What is the exact run time of your show?
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Remember: Your production fee ranges depending on how many performances you want in what size venue. After we process your application we'll be in touch to confirm your registration fee. Registration fees range from $200 to $2,340. More shows in a larger venue costs more. Less shows in a smaller venue cost less.
How many performances do you expect to do?
Row 1
What Size Venue?
Ticket Price?
Would you like to offer a $3 discount for Students/Seniors/Under-waged
Do you have any unusual, unavoidable, or extraneous scheduling factors to consider? We will expect all companies to be present for the duration of the Festival unless it is indicated otherwise.
Your answer
FOR TOURING ARTISTS: If available, would your group wish to take advantage of billeting?
EQUITY LOTTERY PROGRAM: We are committed to an ongoing effort to support an inclusive, accessible, and diverse theatre arts community.
Everyone must start somewhere, but not everyone has equal access to the opportunities and resources to do so. To address this, we use a lottery system to award equity-seeking artists support for their Festival show.

In this instance, equity-seeking refers to an artist whose self-identifies as a voice that is traditionally underrepresented and under-resourced on theatre stages and in festival settings. For example, equity-seeking artist may identify as but not limited to an Indigenous artist, artist of colour, transgender artist, disabled artist, or neuro-divergent artist.

The Equity Lottery is given annually to one equity-seeking artist who applies to participate in the Halifax Fringe Festival. The Equity Lottery recipient will receive:
in-kind support including one lottery venue spot, technicians, lighting, sound equipment, box office support, marketing, public relations and advertising in support of their show; and
reimbursement of the Festival application fee in full.

Unsuccessful applicants will be placed in the general Festival lottery in accordance with their designation as a local or national artist, providing them an additional chance to secure a lottery spot.

Eligible applicants must be:
the lead artist of the project who self-identifies as equity-seeking (equity-seeking may not be extended to the subject matter of the work or additional artists contracted to support the creation and production of the work);
available to participate in the upcoming Halifax Fringe Festival, including any necessary technical rehearsal time in advance of the Festival.

Applicants are self-selecting and will automatically be entered into a lottery draw for the Equity Lottery. Please note, all applications will be vetted by committee to ensure adherence to the eligibility guidelines above. Any applications that do not meet the award eligibility will be removed from the Equity lottery and placed in to the appropriate lottery category.

Do you self-identify as equity-seeking?
I agree to payment of a $50 Application Fee. This non-refundable fee is due by March 24, 2019 at midnight AST, to cover administrative costs of processing applications. Applications are not valid without payment of this fee. Application and payment may be submitted separately; however, payment must be received by March 24, 2019 at midnight AST for your application to be considered.
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