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2018 ASMT Initial Class
2018 will have two (2) ASMT Initial Courses:

03/19-20/2018 in San Antonio

4/3-4/2018 in DFW

There is a finite amount of funding for the course; acceptance will be based on: registration timestamp, TXEMTF MOA Status, historical participation, and agency support. The AMST course will initially have 4 slots per region; additional registrants will be placed on the wait-list. As unfilled slots are released by the regions, they will be filled by those on the wait-list.

The Ambulance Staging Management Team (ASM) Course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to plan and manage ambulance staging operations during any large-scale event or disaster scenario. The course will cover topics to include staging area selection, personnel requirements, collaboration with the incident command system, resource accountability, documentation, and the use of WebEOC®. Students will participate in a variety of tabletop exercises using various response scenarios in order to apply theories discussed during the program. Discussions of state disaster operations and the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force (TX EMTF) will be included as well as considerations pertaining to federal, state and local disaster declarations

Do you meet the qualifications for an ASMT?
o EMS officer (or higher) or Fire officer (or higher)
o EMT-B (or higher)
o Highly skilled/motivated
o Completed ICS 300
o Strong Organizational and Leadership Skills
o Submit a sponsorship letter by your chief officer attesting to your ability and availability to be deployed

As in years past, we will be placing two students per room. Please let me know in the notes section of this form if you wish to share a room with a particular team member.
The TXEMTF Program will be making all room reservations.

Costs & Reimbursement:
Course registration is funded through the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The cost of the hotel room is covered as part of the course; any incidentals (e.g., room service, movies, laundry service) are your responsibility. Breakfast, lunch and a snack will be provided at the course both days. Travel and $18.00 per day will be reimbursed. Mileage is reimbursed for personal vehicles at the State Mileage rate. We cannot reimburse mileage if you travel in an agency vehicle. Travel reimbursement is available with a maximum of $400 per student. All travel arrangements should be coordinated and approved by your regional EMTF Coordinator.

Please complete the form below.

Keith Vintila
Emergency Medical Task Force Coordinator
Region 4 RAC-G / RAC-F
(903) 593-4722 Ofc

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