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SEM:Tech Remember Your Future Interest-A-Lyzer
Pretend that you have been asked to select the keynote speaker for your graduation. Who would you invite? Why? To answer this question, you may want to consider a person you admire or who has inspired you in some way. Make sure to describe what makes them special and how they might inspire the graduating class.
Imagine that you have a means to travel through space and time (For example a Tardis or a time machine) and you see yourself as a 30 year-old person. You want to know more about this person, so you do some research… What were this person’s most “creative” accomplishments? How did this person contribute to their social circles, community, or society as a whole? What do you think this person might do next?
Pretend that you have become a famous blogger with a worldwide following: What is the title of your blog? What is your blog about? Who is your audience? Which blog entry had the most favorites? What was the topic and title of the blog entry? How does your blog influence peoples’ thinking?
Pretend you have been selected for the first human transit space mission to Mars. You are allowed to take five personal possessions to be used in your free time. List the five items you would take. Why did you choose these items? If you could only take one of the five items, which would it be and why is it the one you would choose?
Imagine that you have the opportunity to travel through space and time to meet one famous person (living or dead) of your choice. Who would it be and why? What would you ask them when you met them?
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